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Is Vaping A Better Alternative

Discussion in 'Tobacco / Nicotine' started by elite1fl, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. elite1fl

    elite1fl Member

    Using e-cigarettes or what is known as vaping has become very popular. Certain organizations have said it is a healthier alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. On the other side some medical organizations have said e-cigarettes contain some of the same chemicals regular cigarettes have. To me it seems like trading one addiction for another and not really an aid for quitting. Most people I know that have used them end up going back to regular smoking.

    Do you use e-cigarettes? Has it helped you to quit or even cut down on smoking?
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  2. mkCampbell

    mkCampbell Active Contributor

    I've posted this in several threads on the forum. Speaking only for my experience with my wife and her kicking cigarettes and starting vaping. (I quit smoking 25 years ago)

    She is now saving hundreds of dollars a month. She can breath better, exercise more, is not short on breath, living a healthier lifestyle, can taste food again that is not coated with salt because her taste buds have come back, no longer coughs, her voice is not as raspy, snores much less, sleeps better because she's not coughing, she no longer smells like smoke, her clothes - car etc smell better. Her hair smells amazing when we hug.

    In addition, she controls the amount of nicotine she takes in. Since she started vaping (not over the counter e-cigs) her shop is able to reduce the amount of nicotine as she goes. She's dropped her level several times. And, I don't think she's vaping as much as she did when she started and definitely not as much as when she smoked cigs.
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  3. blur92

    blur92 Senior Contributor

    My boyfriend has quit and saved himself a lot of money because of e-cigs. It has even turned into a hobby for him. He doesn't use the brands owned by cigarette companies so the quality of his e-cigarettes are much better. Also, he is able to decrease his nicotine content. Vaping is definitely worth a try if you're looking to quit.
  4. jperd21

    jperd21 Active Contributor

    I have heard good and bad things about vaping. I know it can be used to quit, but in some cases it has been shown to be worse than cigarettes. Some of the vapor machines have adjustable voltages, which can be cranked up to produce a heavier cloud of vapor. Studies have shown that some blends (not all) of the e-liquid turns to the chemical formaldehyde when heated to the levels reached by the higher voltage machines. Just be careful and do your research before investing in these machines! Could end up being worse!
  5. blur92

    blur92 Senior Contributor

    What kind of quality were those e-fluid? I know politics is heavily involved in any debasement of vaporizers. There's been virtually no money made taxing them so there has been a lot of effort to outlaw them. It will be truly ridiculous if marijuana gets legalized yet e-cigarettes become illegal.
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  6. jperd21

    jperd21 Active Contributor

    From the information I read, the more harmful of the e-fluids were typically unregulated "house blends" that could have just about anything in them. So, according to the article (the specific one I can't locate), the more regulated and commercialized e-liquid production should mostly be harmless vegetable glycerin.

    I agree that if they can let something such as marijuana become legal and ban e-cigarettes, they've got some priority issues. I can almost understand how, not why, e-cigs could be banned. There's too much money to made by big tobacco companies, and if everyone stops using their products they would lose a lot of money. Though I'm sure they have their hands in the e-cigarette honey pot too...
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  7. blur92

    blur92 Senior Contributor

    Marlboro and Camel own the more mediocre, well known e-cigarettes. Blue, Markten, Vuse, and Njoy are the ones we see advertised on television. They aren't any good, and you can't control the nicotine content in the fluid like you can with more advanced mods.
  8. Matthodge1

    Matthodge1 Community Champion

    Vaping can be good, but you have to be careful what you put in it. Sometimes e-cigarettes can be just as harmful as the actual thing.
  9. blur92

    blur92 Senior Contributor

    Check out some of my posts on this thread! Much of the buzz heard on the news has business involved. Sure, if you get a bad e-cigarette and e-fluid or don't set it up right it may become harmful. That's no different than almost anything. For example, if you cook bad meat or neglect to thoroughly cook fresh meat there is going to be consequences.
  10. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    There does seem to be a conflict of opinions over using e-cigarettes and as far as I am aware, they haven't proven to be any less damage than normal cigarettes. However, I have heard that the National Health Service in the UK are giving doctors the permission to prescribe them to patients wanting to quit, so that must say something. They did make sure to point out that they are not an alternative though.
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  11. jperd21

    jperd21 Active Contributor

    I wasn't aware of this. It is encouraging to see that health professionals are using it to help patients quit smoking. I suppose if properly observed, and slowly weened off the nicotine, this could be very helpful.
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  12. blur92

    blur92 Senior Contributor

    I think cutting out all the additional chemicals cigarettes contain is already helpful. The tar contains 70 carcinogens. Here's an easy to read, comparative chart that includes some differences between cigarettes and vaporizers. It disproves several myths on e cigarettes:
  13. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    I did some research into using Sheesha and a Hookah a while back, although obviously that's kind of different to using e-cigarettes. It was concluded that, although higher volumes of smoke were being inhaled, there was pretty much zero tar content in Sheesha, which can make a lot of difference. I also remember trying tarless cigarettes quite a few years ago. They were disgusting but hey, if there's no tar in them then that must be beneficial, right?
  14. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    I have also read good things and bad things about e-cigarettes. The good things include smokers can control the amount of nicotine they would use on it and that there is no smoke. The bad things include e-cigarettes are not safe cause it has chemical contents on it and that it can cause illnesses such as cancer.
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  15. blur92

    blur92 Senior Contributor

    Really? That's interesting. I would think there would be tar in sheesha. I have heard smoking hookah for a couple hours or less is the equivalent of smoking a pack of cigarettes.
  16. bsthebenster

    bsthebenster Community Champion

    I think it's pretty widely accepted that cigarettes are by far the worst way to get your nicotine. I wonder if it's the extra stuff they add to them? I'm not sure. But it seems like any other form of tobacco is way safer than cigarettes.
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  17. romananthonysmama

    romananthonysmama Active Contributor

    I am currently 45 days smoke free, and I started with the vape. I stopped as quickly as I started, though. Some people do not realize how dangerous that liquid is. I always placed my pen on top of the counter out of reach from my son, and in a place I knew the animals wouldn't get it. One day, after drinking my coffee, I got violently sick to my stomach. It happened two days in a row, only after I drank my coffee. I went to investigate, and found that some of the liquid leaked out of my pen and onto the Sweet n Lo that I was using. It was such a small amount that I wouldn't have thought anything of it, and just one small drop like that made me so violently ill. I know most people would scold me for having a few Sweet n Lo packets near it, but most people I know carry these vape pens in their purses...What if it got on a piece of gum? I know people who have accidentally spilled it on their laps as well and gotten nicotine poisoning. I think it is a good method to use to quit, but just one that should be taken very seriously and with caution.
  18. NikkiDesrosiers

    NikkiDesrosiers Senior Contributor

    these electronic cigarettes are extremely popular right now - but it seems that a lot of medical research is saying that it can be dangerous.
  19. blur92

    blur92 Senior Contributor

    It definitely has something to do with the additional chemicals in them hence the reason why vaporizers are best. This takes us back to the main question of the thread. Vaping excludes all the excessive chemicals and tobacco.
  20. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    I've actually heard the exact opposite - that the amount of nicotine being drawn from an e-cigarette doesn't have any control over it or regulation mechanism and that it would/could be more nicotine than is drawn from a regular cigarette.

    I have heard that claim before too, but according to the research I have seen, when they carried out experiments they could find no supporting evidence for it.