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Is Xanax prescribed too often?

Discussion in 'Prescription Drugs' started by chiefingplatypus, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. JohnBrock

    JohnBrock Active Contributor

    Yeah, I agree, it feels as if we're shifting away from the actual focus that doctors should be having on their patient's overall character, it's becoming a cynical and cold practice, where doctors seemed to once actually care about their patients well-being, it feels as if many doctors today are just prone to pushing the issue away, and prescribing whatever medicine that fits what their patients want
  2. Peninha

    Peninha Community Champion

    Now you got that right Joan, everything is prescribed too often because money is more important than one's health in our society.
  3. JoanMcWench

    JoanMcWench Community Champion

    It's true we can blame pharmaceutical companies for letting greed lead our medical community but the patient has to take equal responsibility. Yes, we as patients are not doctors but we know our body. We know when something is a need & when something is a want. We shouldn't be blindly nodding at everything a doctor prescribes.
  4. piez

    piez Member

    I feel like it is. Doctors give out pain medication like it's candy these days. It's way too easy for someone to come in and fake some sort of pain and leave with a prescription that they don't really need.
  5. Issac Asimov

    Issac Asimov Member

    I was prescribed Xanax once because I was having pulmonary trouble. The doctor took my breathing troubles for anxiety and actually prescribed Xanax. So yes, I'd say it is WAY over prescribed and used more as a street drug than for actual anxiety problems.
  6. Peninha

    Peninha Community Champion

    Wow, so talk about misdiagnosing! If I had breathing issues and I was prescribed Xanax I would sue the doctor!
  7. I was prescribed Xanax this summer after having a nasty panic attack. They gave me a bottle of 20 1mg pills, which in my opinion was overkill.
  8. Diana S.

    Diana S. Member

    A few months ago I experienced a bad insomnia, I really couldn't sleep at all. I was not sleeping for 3 days and I felt terrible. I was going through a lot of stress in that period and I suffered, without knowing, of bad depression which evolved in terrible anxiety. I called 112 and the doctor who was sent prescribed me xanax to help me sleep. After I took 2 pills of 0,25 mg I managed to sleep an hour or so.
    That doctor stayed like 5 minutes at my house and he already prescribed me xanax and it wasn't even meant to solve my issue. It had nothing to do with my real health problems. I took xanax for a week and I somehow succeeded to sleep for 2-3 hours per night , but after that when I was going through some stressful days of my life again, I couldn't sleep at all for so many days even with the help of xanax.
    Anyway, I threw all of the pills.
  9. fagoot1

    fagoot1 Member

    Back when I used Xanax, I hardly noticed any side effects until I stopped using it and was hit by withdrawal symptoms.
    I had severe panic attacks and that was one of the drugs that helped get over it. I actually recommended it to other people but now I'm not sure if that was the right thing to do. However, they are telling me that they are less anxious now and can sleep well.
  10. lefttowrite

    lefttowrite Member

    Yes, in my opinion and experience, I have seen doctors give Xanax and Adderall like candy. You don't have to take any tests for them, because they deem the condition as psychological and they cannot waste their time to test your brain. The patient can literally list their symptoms (whether fake or not) and the doctor will follow suit and prescribe the drugs. Ir's a failing system that will hurt our people. Kids are taking these ADHD pills because their parents refuse to think of themselves as the fault of their kids' lack of attention. It is up to the parents to fully configure their kids or at least understand the child's needs. We cannot, as adults, go straight to the doctor when our child looks over his shoulder for a second while reading a book. Yes, that example is unethical, but it's plainly the truth for some families.

    A sad nature, but we can only hope technology advances and brain-scans with reputable data can be accessible in ever doctor's office. Therefore drugs will not be given so freely, as if the doctors job is to just read symptoms and prescribe. They must first read symptoms, check them, troubleshoot any barriers and then diagnose. It is too simple right now, and must be made less easy to obtain these powerful drugs. Xanax can seriously mess with a brain if it's not necessary. Causing far worse problems than ADHD such as bi-polar or schizophrenia. We can only hope.
  11. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    A friend of mine was taking xanax for quite awhile. I think it was more recreational with her. She did actually go and get the script with a doctor. I think it works fine. The only problem with it is it will give you anxiety if you stop it.
  12. SarahWorksAtHome

    SarahWorksAtHome Community Champion

    I've been prescribed Xanax in the past and do NOT like it one bit. I take Ativan for my anxiety attacks instead and rarely take that.
    It does seem to be the first one handed out and handed out far to easily at that. Five out of my twelve closest friends have a script for Xanax! It's given out like candy!
  13. Matthodge1

    Matthodge1 Community Champion

    It's also an aid for sleep. It's just prescribed way too liberally.
  14. karmaskeeper

    karmaskeeper Community Champion

    I think all medication is prescribed to often. I always say doctors are just legal drug dealers all they want to do is through a pill at you. They don't even try to find an alternative this is very sad, and needs to be addressed. No wonder we have so many addicts in this country.
  15. Mzpeaceful1

    Mzpeaceful1 Active Contributor

    Xanax is NOT an anti-depressant. It is an anti-anxiety medication. They are very different. Anti-depressants effect your serotonin and dopamine in your brain which effect your moods. Xanax hit your gaba receptors which control all sorts of other things sending signals to your brain in calm you down, also effecting your central nervous system, even your liver and intestines. They are two very different drugs that do two very different things.