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Isn’t legalizing Marijuana producing more addicts?

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by Deeishere, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. mauricioq

    mauricioq Member

    Like I said, it isn't PHYSICALLY addictive, but it can definitely be mentally physicall, that's different kinds of addiction. And I'm talking based on my experience.
  2. Noreht

    Noreht Active Contributor

    As someone that was addicted to weed I can state that it is definitely a gateway drug, but so are cigarettes and alcohol. We must be careful when labeling weed. It might not be harmful but it is most certainly very addictive. I believe any drug that is not harmful should be made legal, but just because it is not harmful does not mean we should not be careful when consuming it. If you have an addictive personality you should still steer clear of any habit forming drug, including weed.
  3. Jack Wallace

    Jack Wallace Senior Contributor

    Соnsumеrs shоuld соnsidеr rеquеsting infоrmаtiоn оn аny pеstiсidеs, fungiсidеs, fеrtilizеrs, оr аny оthеr rеsiduаl sоlvеnts thаt соuld rеmаin оn flоwеrs аftеr thе сultivаtiоn prосеss.

    Соnsumеrs shоuld bе surе tо inquirе аbоut thе pоtеnсy аnd dоsаgе оf аn еdiblе prоduсt, еspесiаlly if thеy аrе а nоviсе соnsumеr оr if thе pасkаgе is nоt сlеаrly lаbеlеd.

    Tеsting fоr mоld, fungus, bасtеriа, аnd оthеr miсrоbiаl оrgаnisms shоuld bе rеquirеd tо еnsurе sаfеty аnd quаlity. Thе еffесts оf соnsuming sоmе оf thеsе сhеmiсаls, еspесiаlly in thе immunосоmprоmisеd, соuld bе signifiсаn