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Just a simple girls thought

Discussion in 'Methamphetamine / Meth' started by Missmomma8782, Apr 21, 2018.

  1. Missmomma8782

    Missmomma8782 Member

    Ok so I am a newish meth user 2 yrs now but a quite old addict 11 yrs opiate addict and thankfully 1 yr sub victim and yes I mean victim but I have never really been in major trouble I'm a proud mom whom has never lost my custody of my boys and I use daily but I use as smart as possible as to not interfer with my children my older son is aware if my use but younger son has yet to know the difference between a rug and a drug and I feel that when he is old enough I will not lie but I also will warn and support my boys about drug use and if it's best they be drugfrwe then so be it but I will never condone my boys to be junkies and I know it sounds harsh as **** but I look at addiction like this weather it be drugs jogging scrap booking sex or plushy peps (stuffed animal collectors lol) u are eaither a addict or a junkie addicts use with out completely destroying themselves and all around them on top of other people they don't know and junkies are in such a dark place or weakened state they will do whatever nessacary and I mean horrible things to ppl who do not sesevdeit at all but to the one in question it doesn't matter but then there are the dirty junkies who just don't give a **** about anyone but themselves they get what they deserve in the end but it seems to take forever I feel like if u think ur a bad person ur just simple so teach urself how to know the difference and if u have to look to the internet to see if u have a problem ur gonna be a pain in the ass but hopefully soon enough become a teacher to thoes who are lost listen people u are eaither a good person who does "bad things" at times or just a shity vvad person so rest easy and go geek out in something fun enjoy ur life and just worry about being u no matter what happens hope I helped someone who needed it and unfortunately I'm not sorry if I offended any of u guys bc if I did ur just assholes or still working in the teacher status so I'll end on that and if u want to discuss anything with me please feel free I'm open to positive and negitive feedback lol I try to just be me guys good luck to u all ;)o_O