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Knowledge of oneself that's what keep me sober

Discussion in 'Sobriety Tips and Inspiration' started by Anonymous, Jan 15, 2015.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Active Contributor

    I started attending a place where I receive ancient teachings related to Gnosticism, but is not a Religion, but it teach people to overcome their defects, and become a better person, in other words is about learning about True Spirituality, they don't receive money or ask for it, is just a place where you go to learn some techniques like astral traveling, meditation, and search of the real wisdom., their goal is to leave behind all negative things in life, apply supra-sexuality, and achieve the 100% of our inner self to be able to speak with god in this life or in the next and that way be completely happy with our lives.

    Anyway they are fifty initial conferences, and the 14th conference is about drugs and alcoholism

    And to resume they talk about to realize and liberate the 100% of our consciousness and be able to speak to our inner god, it is necessary to leave behind drugs and alcohol, because if we don't our chakras could result in damage and if they get damaged we could not find god in our inner self at least for this life, and we'll have to wait until the next reborn.

    I have to say that I used to smoke weed once or twice a week, after this I leave weed immediately and I never had to do it again, because when I meditate, or leave my mind empty I feel joy and peace and I don't need anything else, if someone wants more information about this practices, feel free to ask, I'll be glad to help
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  2. Rainman

    Rainman Community Champion

    It certainly does sound interesting and since everyone has issues which they might want to leave behind, I'm sure that not only addicts might find the information you might share useful. Can you please provide more information about this? Links to sites where someone can find resources which that will start them on their way?

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  3. oraclemay

    oraclemay Community Champion

    This all sounds very interesting and I hope it enables you to quit for a lifetime. I am all for whatever method works for you. I have to say that I believe in relationship with the living God and not religion, which is a set of rules. I was completely delivered through praying and asking for help. I was unable to drink alcohol the very next time it was put in front of me. This was more than 20 years ago. Today I am able to enjoy a glass of wine when I go out to eat which is not often. Alcohol has no control over me. I am in control now and I do not even drink once a month, but I am able to because the addiction has been broken and destroyed. I used to smoke cigarettes and weed as well. It all just went away and I have never touched it again, neither do I ever want to.
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  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Active Contributor

    Yeah, of course, this path should be taken by everyone, in fact that is the real purpose of life, to become enlighten and leave behind all negative things that affect life, this teachings have been leave by beings with all their consciousness awaken (100%) like Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, but unfortunately the religions erased that from their books (Bible, Torah, Quran, etc) because Religion is a business who always seek money, power or manipulation, anyway: currently I can't find a place where all this teaching are in English, the only place that partially has them is this:, but if you want I could explain deeply about this, maybe sending me a PM, or via email, I don't know if I can post them here, but I can translate this and give you the basic information to start this inner pilgrimage to spirituality.
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  5. JonMark

    JonMark Active Contributor

    I have to say that I found the only way for me to be sober was the practical fact that I just didn't have the money to spend on alcohol like I used to. From time to time I would enjoy a beer with food and try to be present just like Buddhists suggest, where I can enjoy it for that one time only and be done with the experience.
  6. 003

    003 Community Champion

    This is the first time that I heard about this Gnosticism. And because it's not a religion, it somehow sounded appealing to me that I can resort to when I would need something like it especially during dire and hard times.
  7. JonMark

    JonMark Active Contributor

    This is the first time I've heard about Gnosticism being practiced outside of the historical context. I guess I should have known that it, like any other practice, would somehow still be practiced today. But it does remind me of how a certain practices steps in and establishes a certain thought that helps others out of their addictions. I even wonder if the practice itself is responsible or if it's just the fact that people get together without bringing alcohol into the picture that keeps everyone sober?

    My mom has never had a problem with drink because she's been conditioned to treat it as a sinful act. But a church that she frequents has these group meetings where people who have had substance abuse issues get together and talk about their issues and other problems, encapsulated in prayer and scripture. I mean it definitely helps but there's always some religious delivery system right around the corner.
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Active Contributor

    To clarify is not Gnosticism entirely, but it has bases on ancient Gnosticism practiced in the ancient Egypt, but overall is like a compilation of all useful things that each belief has to offer, that's why I mentioned Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Krishna, and Rama, all those characters had something in common and it is that they were enlighten, about your doubt if its because practices, or the act of being reunited the answer is that actually is the practice itself because the place where I go, is always empty, nowadays people don't believe this things, so I am one of the three students that assist to that place, and it is even on different hours, so is only teacher and student is that way, he is not a priest or something like that, to resume all they teach you is the necessary things you need to know to stay off everything that may affect negatively our lives, they use scientific arguments to realize ourselves that you need to stay off alcohol, drugs and other kind of things that can affect our lives, that includes defects of the personality, in other words to avoid the seven deadly sins: wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony, leaving all this behind for a real purpose and that purpose is to hear our inner wisdom or god or whatever you wanna call him, so the core of this teachings is to reach enlightening and be real happy with our lives in this existence, and in the next lives.

    All I can testify on this is that the meditation and the focus techniques I had learn has been pretty useful in my life, I feel like all the worries in my life are gone, and I realized that all we need is just inside us, we don't need nothing external just the basic things like food, and shelter.

    If any doubt feel free to ask, I'll be glad to answer.