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Discussion in 'Other Substances' started by Brox, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. Rob93FL

    Rob93FL Senior Contributor

    Well, yeah, there aren't zero cases of it. It isn't going to become a problem in the US because one of the precursors, codeine, is restricted to people with prescriptions. There will always be people who experiment with creating desomorphine from codeine. Heroin is really easy to find for addicts in the US.
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  2. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    Codeine is also quite easy to get your hands on in the UK. I don't know if it's available over the counter but it's certainly not difficult to get. I know plenty of people who have codeine in their houses right now. I believe Heroin is quite cheap in the UK though - in fact, you can get a bag of heroin cheaper than you can get a bag of weed.
  3. Giftbearer

    Giftbearer Member

    I first heard about this drug on the show "Drugs Incorporated" on the National Geographic channel. I looked it up and found this article by Time Magazine;

    The drug's caustic effects could also be because it's mixed with hydrochloric acid in the cooking process. Sometimes substances like gasoline and lighter fluid are also added.

    The lifespan for an addict of this drug is thought to be only 2-3 years!

    It's not widely used in the US but some cases have been reported.

    A small town in Illinois has seen an upsurge in cases recently. A pair of twin sisters were interviewed about their use and decline resulting from the drug;