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Limited support

Discussion in 'Low Cost and Free Treatment' started by angel_lou, Dec 29, 2014.

  1. angel_lou

    angel_lou Active Contributor

    Im from the UK and in my area, the amount of support for people with drug and alcohol problems is really limited. I'm talking 1 centre in the middle of town that deals with the whole towns and surrounding areas users and abusers. If you miss an appointment you wait weeks for another. They leave you waiting in reception for at least half hour, and thats on a good day. But when you look through into the office, I counted 8 people sitting around seemingly doing f all, last time I was there. It would be nice if peoples individual doctors at their own local practice would take over care once you're stable, but they just won't do it. Another centre is badly needed in my area, but it's not the sort of place that your average joe wants to even know about, let alone help to get going. But then again, that 1 centre is a godsend and better than nothing, which i'm sure some places dont even have. I'd be in real trouble if there was no centre to go to. So should I just stop complaining and be grateful for what we do have? What's the support like in other places?
  2. Charles P.

    Charles P. Community Advocate

    It really depends on where you live in the world, but the issue is that Society still has the same outlook on addiction that they had years ago. Most people do not believe that it is a disease, they believe that it is a weakness or a choice. Until the day that the majority of our Society believes it to be a disease, we will continue to struggle to get help to those that need it. I think a great start is Communities like this one, where we can come together and share our thoughts and ideas.
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  3. MrsJones

    MrsJones Community Listener Community Listener

    Yes, if you're active in your community maybe it could be suggested to start a community forum like this one. Maybe a grant of some kind can be written for funding to set up a community resource center. Some times people just need to talk things through or have others they can relate to.
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  4. Fern

    Fern Active Contributor

    I don't know how other localities are. I live in a major US city and while we'd all like to forget about addiction, there are treatment programs available. I see signs for them on the bus and in the doctor's office, different programs. If you go to the assistance office (welfare, government help, a place I need to go because I'm on disability) there's multiple posters and business cards for rehabs. In the libraries on the community bulletin boards, multiple pamphlets and home printed papers announce 12-step group meetings of various types and who to contact.
  5. Charles P.

    Charles P. Community Advocate

    In most major cities and counties in the U.S., they have incorporated a 2-1-1 program. It is some what like 4-1-1, but it is geared toward locating assistance. If you need to find a rehab, they will help you. If you need to find food-stamps, they will help you, and so on!!!!!
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  6. globulon

    globulon Member

    I'm not sure what the support system is like in the US or UK, but perhaps local community centers could be a valuable resource. At the very least, they should be able to refer someone to other organizations or even to individual members of the community who want to help!
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  7. alfonso87

    alfonso87 Member

    Its definitely a good resource to have a community center that provides support around your community. Your right that not a lot of communities are blessed with support centers. If you need more support you might want to search the internet for local narcotics or alcoholic anonymous meetings. NA / AA groups assign sponsors that you can get support and give support to any time you or your sponsor might need it.
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  8. xTinx

    xTinx Community Champion

    That's surprising. The UK always gives the impression of caring so much for the welfare of their people. Perhaps in certain respects, they provide well. It could be that there aren't as many drug cases in there compared to other countries. It's basically the same everywhere. Good support/rehab centres coexist with the bad ones. Even a third world country like mine is not spared. No matter how primitive our facilities are in here, several people have managed to turn their lives around thanks to a local culture that promotes close family ties.
  9. angel_lou

    angel_lou Active Contributor

    Dont get me wrong, our NHS system is first class in things such as hospitals and dentists. It just seems to be addiction centres. There are NO rehab centres like they have in the US that we can book into, well, I might find one if had had £3000 to spare. There are so much drug and alcohol problems in my area, all dealt with at 1 useless centre. They think they're helping, but more often than not, they just cause more problems. Who wants to sit in a waiting room full of addicts talking about what gear is good where, when you're trying to sort yourself out? Even going to the area of the centre can be a trigger for me. I need personal treatment from my own GP where no one knows what im there for.
  10. drc52

    drc52 Active Contributor

    I think the reason there is only 1 centre in most places is that people with health insurance go to private doctors and centres. If they are helping you I guess you should be grateful. But if this place is creating even more obstacles on your path to getting sober you'd be right to complain.
  11. amethyst

    amethyst Community Champion

    It's really sad to hear that, angel_lou. One of the ways to overcome this situation is to take matters in your own hands. Start a group today. Use social media, such as FB to make it known that there is a need for a support structure for addicts and recovering addicts. You will probably be surprised how many people will come forward and want to help or get help. Another way is to start putting notes around the place, stating what is needed. You will probably attract a lot of attention and get the support and actions that are needed right now.
  12. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    I'm in the UK too and my area offers no provision for outpatient recovery at all. The best you can hope to get is six weeks of counselling and a course of methadone if you have been using heroin. Thankfully, we do have local Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous groups, which hold twice-weekly meetings. These have been the real life saver for me.
  13. juno

    juno Community Champion

    I'm sorry to hear your circumstances and limited options. I can understand that when you are struggling with something like an addiction, inconveniences can really make you want to give up. It can also be difficult if you are not particularly keen on the only option you have. I know that where I live, people have the option to go to more than one treatment center, which is really helpful if you are in a support group. If you can't adjust to or feel comfortable in one support group, you always have the option to change to another support group. However, at least you are luck enough to have one place to go and recover. I can imagine there are people out there with no options and are suffering.