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Living a double life!!

Discussion in 'Share Your Story Here' started by Ldog1941, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. Ldog1941

    Ldog1941 Member

    heres my story, I'm 40yrs old now, my wife is 42 and I have 3 boys 20,18, and 9. I was addicted to oxycodone for 5 years, before that I was an alcoholic and before that I was doing anything I could do, smoked weed, snorted coke, did crack for 1 year, even was stuck on meth when I was 18. Over the years I would do one thing or another, I was taking oxy for a legitimate reason my sciatica was killing me due to l5&l4 discs being pushed out so I went to see a dr who said to get an MRI and see a pain management center. Meth I walked away from at 18 no problem, crack no problem, coke np, alcohol np. But this oxy was a nightmare and I was hooked quick. I always always did way more than I was prescribed, btw I'm a ASE MASTER CERTIFIED AND L1 mechanic, that's how I got my back injury, anyways I would always say tomorrow I'll cut down always tomorrow but that never came, and I always stressed out 5 days after getting my script on how I was gonna get more cash to buy more, at the end of the 5 years my pain management center referred me to other drs because they were not gonna be scribbing oxy to patients cause they are now saying they are a pain killer free center so again I was wondering what I was gonna do, I already was taking 500-1000$ from my check without my wife knowing, yes I made that much, and I stole from my self and family in so many different ways, sound familiar?? My older kids were getting into so much trouble with cops and us wife n me and we were about to separate, my middle kid had a friend who was selling me 30's at times and every time I bought from him it turns out he would tell my wife and son about it Needless to say as all teens do they eventually want to test their dad the oldest one tested me first and lost then the middle one. When the middle blew up he brought up the pills I would buy and it was ugly, I wanted to kick him out as I wanted to kick the older kid out but mom wouldn't allow it granted I was doing the wrong thing by buying pills but never disrespect your dad is how I was raised, well I moved out and was considering a divorce, over 5 years of non stop bs from kids getting into trouble and always more severe than the last time, coincidence ?? Maybe,,, maybe not,, but I do believe the devil is always around and is very easy to do his deeds, I managed to hide my addiction from everyone, after getting referred to the other drs I noticed that one also treats addictions, I was spending 4500$ a month on extra pills, around 54,000.00$ a year, I have sold off my tools, anything I could for cash, and I knew the first year of being on pain meds that I was addicted but I could never stop, well I decided to try suboxone treatment and I can say now that I am off everything, I only took the subs for 8 days at 16mgs a day and I stopped cold turkey, thank God for all the stories on this site because my dr wants me to take this from now on,, hell no to that, no withdrawals from anything since jumping, I think I'm on day 9 or something of not taking subs and I lost count of days since taking oxycodone,, please if you have a problem and you know it,, get a dr that will help with suboxone so you can get off heroine or pills, you only need a week of it and life real life is just around the corner. Remember God will not lead you to something we cannot handle, it's up to you to realize your situation. My wife and I are still together and working on our relationship, the oldest has a son that he doesn't take care of but is living with a new girlfriend, the middle one was eventually kicked out by mom for constantly doing whatever he wanted to when I was gone, my wife realized that one day they would be gone and living there own life and we were gonna get divorced because she wanted them home, my 9 year old is getting straight A's and we are doing great, remember God is always great, the devil is always around and we are human!! Free from the devils grip and finally clean. I was able to do it and so can you,, God bless you and yours and if you need someone to talk to you can email me at I am ashamed of what I did and I am proud of being clean. This is my story
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