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Living a triple life....

Discussion in 'Share Your Story Here' started by Luis88, Jan 22, 2020.

  1. Nathan420

    Nathan420 Member

    Like I said, addiction is subjective. In my opinion and from personal experience it becomes really hard to stay clean after the physical withdraws, the physical withdrawal can be managed with medication and with a bit of time. The physical symptoms are just a warm up because after they've passed you feel well but you're still an addict at the end of the day. In my experience I always say stuff like "never again", "never doing drugs again" during the physical withdraws but after that passes and I feel well my minds starts to wonder back towards the drugs. I'll make excuses and fake promises to myself like "just one bottle of wine, I deserve it" or "I'll just get a few valium and keep them just in case I need them" but it always snowballs into another relapse. I personally think the psychological battle against using again is much harder as there are so many triggers and depending on your situation in life, you might be sober but once you're sober you realise you've got nothing to look forward to or anything to keep you sober. In order to stay sober after a detox you need a purpose or something that makes being sober worthwhile otherwise you're stuck in the same position except you're sober and you have to deal with depression, anxiety, feelings that made you use drugs in the first place and all the other shite that comes with coming off drugs that have played a significant part in your life etc.
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  2. Davers

    Davers Community Champion

    So true, initial problems will always be messin with you along with new ones , there was a time i said " Never again" but I quickly learned i could not trust myself.

    It was a reward thing with me as well hence I started smoking weed again as it gave me something to look forward to after a job or project .
    Well I was right & wrong as the weed helped a bit at times but other times it causes me stress like $ , Waiting on calls that may NEVER come. Weed type changes to crap but the price stays the same it's just BS Cause I was told in April 2019 I could get THC CBD Oil then ; BUT as of now there is still no where to get it .