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Long term Marijuana users...

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by jackiewbu, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. jackiewbu

    jackiewbu Member

    For those of you who have been using Marijuana for a few years now have you also noticed you've become more shaky? Like when trying to keep your hand still and such?
  2. Tremmie

    Tremmie Community Champion

    I have read about some really bad side effects people who have been smoking this for a long time experience. So yes, there is a big chance that long.term use of marijuana might have caused that, some medications can do the same as well. Some people tend to suffer from it without an apartment reason, me being one of them. I never knew why my hands are a bit shaky, I started to notice when I was a teen.
  3. darkrebelchild

    darkrebelchild Community Champion

    Marijuana has a bad effect. I am aware of some people who we were playmates as kids and dropped out of high school along the way. The streets raised them because of careless parents and they used so much marijuana and found it hard to focus. Their hands and even speech is shaky even for the fact that they don't use anymore.

    It is really sad.
  4. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    I do think that it made me quite shaky over the years, I don't know if that's because of how it affected my nervous system or if it was something to do with the social anxiety caused by marijuana but it definitely worsened as time went on. Now that I have been clean for many years, I don't really have the shaky hand problem like I used to any more but I do still shake. Having said that, I was quite shaky before I'd even started using marijuana. I do think it can cause such problems though. Smoking (even just tobacco) does affect the heart rate and nervous system.
  5. jackiewbu

    jackiewbu Member

    Now that you mentioned the social anxiety developing after Marijuana use that could be a cause of the shakiness too. I didn't think of it until you mentioned it. I especially notice my shakiness when I'm trying to socialize and use my hands to show them something, my hands shake like crazy!
  6. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    I think a large part of the problem is that many people believe that marijuana relaxes people and calms them down, helping them to chill out. However, it actually increases heart rate and aggravates the nervous system, doing the opposite of what people think it does. I think the perception that marijuana relaxes people is, in fact, just an illusion.
  7. remnant

    remnant Community Champion

    Marijuana creates a heightened or distorted perception of reality. Shaking of hands in my opinion is just the tip of the iceberg. Cases of adult marijuana users crying or males growing breasts due to hormonal changes in the body abound. Eye infections and other morbidities are the norm. Am not being self righteous or judgemental but these serve as a powerful deterrent against smoking cannabis in my case.
  8. lonelyfaith

    lonelyfaith Member

    My friend who has been using since he was a teen has anxiety and he claims it helps him with hit. I wonder if that's true or if it causes it. But i have never noticed him being shaky in general and he has never mentioned to me anything about shaking. I notice he forgets things sometimes. And he has some agoraphobia or whatever it's called. He also has high blood pressure problems. I'm not sure if that can cause it or not.
  9. ejorman1010

    ejorman1010 Senior Contributor

    I don't suffer from any shakes from the use of marijuana. The only real negative effect is the short term memory, but that only occurs while I'm high. Outside of that, a lot of the negative effects are simply the result of propaganda.
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  10. Noreht

    Noreht Active Contributor

    I don't think the shaky hands can be attributed to weed alone. You might be getting weed from someone that uses pesticides so that is worth looking into as pesticides can influence your nervous system. I would recommend going to a specialist to have yourself checked out. The increased blood flow brought on by smoking weed might worsen your symptoms, but I don't think it is causing the symptom itself.
  11. ConorMcGregor

    ConorMcGregor Member

    I have been a long term marijuana and I have noticed some side effects from daily usage, but shakiness is not one of them. Marijuana has never cause any real shaky effects for me, but does heighten my anxiety, which I assume could cause shakiness.
  12. puneeth8994

    puneeth8994 Active Contributor

    I don't think it's fair to blame marijuana for that, it may be influenced by multiple factors.
  13. Mara

    Mara Community Champion

    Hmm.. I have a lot of friends who smoke weed but I never noticed them having the shakes. But those who are into alcohol on the other hand, have them. And they seem to not able to control the shakes.
  14. serenity

    serenity Community Champion

    I have only been using weed for a short while, and I have not yet experienced those side effects. I guess that might be a possibility.
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  15. FenWoFon

    FenWoFon Active Contributor

    I have been smoking weed for a while and I've started to feel that shaky sympthom, is it really bad or what is it about?
  16. explorerx7

    explorerx7 Senior Contributor

    There are so many assumptions about the effects of marijuana. However, having been around many persons who have used it for many years, I am still to see any hard evidence to back up these assumptions. I have not seen where marijuana has caused it's smokers to display any serious negative behavior.
  17. ZXD22

    ZXD22 Senior Contributor

    I feel like in the long term, people who use Marijuana develop bad memory loss as most of my friends who have been smoking marijuana for a couple of years have all had terrible memory losses time to time and can be very scary as well.
  18. Horace Nevil

    Horace Nevil Member

    Dumb, duh, dumb, dumb. That is all.
  19. CharlesClark

    CharlesClark Active Contributor

    How about CBD?
  20. TimPeake

    TimPeake Member

    I smoked marijuana for about a year. The only thing I noticed is that it relaxes me and perfectly relieves stress. I didn't see that my hands were shaking or that I was losing concentration. It's all right.
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