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Longterm pain magagement paitient dumped cold by clinic

Discussion in 'Opiate Withdrawal Treatment' started by Chris131, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. Chris131

    Chris131 Member

    I just had the shittiest experience of my life, not the hardest, but certainly the shittiest, my tramadol count was out of proportion with that of the clinic nurse, checkmate, see ya later! 300mg of tramadol every single day for six solid years, never a day without!

    My last dose was Tuesday at 7pm, I am in full blown cessation syndrome as I tap this out. I once came of of vicodin after treating with it for one solid year and that was a beast, however keep in mind I never really abused any of these substances, all were rightly prescribed for a broken neck sustained in an industrial accident in 2004!

    Nonetheless, you still get strung out on them, and you have the exact same cessation syndrome as does anyone else. Back to tramadol, this cessation is not nearly opiodal, its much more neurological to my mind, and that mind is currently being blasted by trillions of little receptors demanding immediate audience.

    I am very fortunate that I have on hand a bottle of 90 gabepentin tablets, and that has proven itself to be a Godsend, that and the zofran(more on the zofran in a moment), gabepentin has served to totally eliminate any cravings in my body which is really really weird, I have none, that and the RLS are why the gabepentin is so special for coming off of narcotic analgesics or their next of kin, tramadol! Now the zofran, that is also an interesting chemical, like tramadol it has an affinity for serotonin reuptake, which most MD's are clueless about!

    It has also been a Godsend for me as its in its own small way working to reduce not just my nausea, but my feeling depressed and hopeless! At any rate I have gone on longer then perhaps I should, I feel for every one of you who has or is going through this shitty deal, but I can assure as a survivor of aggressive third stage cancer, I ain't dead yet, regardless of those assholes at that clinic!
  2. Sebasty1987

    Sebasty1987 Member

    I must say that you are taking severe medications, so you need to be constantly under the supervision of doctors. I am delighted to hear that you have never abused any of these substances and have taken the medication in the correct doses. I would be interested to learn more about how the drug Gabapentin acts on the body and what side effects you have had. I recently changed my doctor for some reason, but I don't regret it. Now I get better medical care than before. On , I have my own personal medical card, which allows me to always be in touch with the nurse and even make an appointment with the doctor. I am pleased that I have this opportunity because I have diabetes.
  3. lovecraftXIX

    lovecraftXIX Member

    Oh my God, this could be dangerous. I'm glad to hear that you are not abusing these substances. I read that these substances increase the likelihood of developing dementia in old age. And that's a very serious disease. My grandmother has dementia. It's very hard to communicate with her. At one point, she might see Joe Biden on TV and say, oh, I had tea with this man last week. But she's never actually seen him live. The advice from helped me in communicating with my grandmother. It explains in detail what to answer in such cases to not traumatize the patient's mind even further.
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