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Lost 2 to start

Discussion in 'Heroin' started by FunctioningAddict, May 24, 2016.

  1. Thinking back, I have done a lot of drugs!! But the "line" for me was heroin meth and acid. When did the line change for me? I never did any heroin, until after my best friend bethanie died of a drug overdose weeks before her 23rd birthday. A few months later, a very close friend was given pure fentanyl instead of cocaine. He died of an overdose, weeks before his 23rd birthday. A few months later... I was in a very deep depression. I brought my friend wS splitting a blue with me. Come to find out, it was heroin. I welcomed ms h with open arms, praying to God I would be the next. this was just weeks before my 23rd birthday . So why didn't I OD? Why do I deserve to live anymore than those 2 beautiful amazing souls?!? I don't . Yet, a few months ago I fractured my back in an accident, going from a culvert on one side of the road to an orange Grove on the other. All I had was a fractured back. My truck was still running . I survived!! And yet, last week these 2 kids were driving in that same spot, in the same direction. Hit the same culvert and went flying into the same orange Grove. Yet they were dead on sight. Crazy to think how fast tomorrow could be taken from you
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    Life is a gift and it's incredibly short. We should live in the moment and be grateful for every day we have.