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Marijuana stinks

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by Rosyrain, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. rtorir

    rtorir Member

    I hate it more when smokers cough. I also don’t like the yellow teeth and I would suggest the smokers to do something on the state of their smile. They may try to hide their teeth while the smile. I have a problem with their breath too. A smoker wakes up dry mouthed and produces a bad breath.

    Mr. Smoker please understands that no offense taken and neither do I intend to offend you.
  2. danjon

    danjon Senior Contributor

    Exactly. I can't believe the US has moved to legalize it, and I certainly hope that never happens here in the UK.

    People mock those of us who bang on about the dangers of cannabis, but the stuff people use today is a world away from the kind of thing the hippie generation were smoking in the 60's.
  3. Debrina

    Debrina Member

    I know this is an older post. I am just now dealing with the over whelming barfy smell of the pot . My God, do they make the smell so strong and so offensive so that law enforcement can smell it on people and arrest them? My brother smoked pot like a compulsive pot head freak daily in the 1980's. Back then it smelled like straw burning or something, that wasn't bad. It was a good smell and it smelled better than someone choking on a marlboro. But 2018, pot smells worse than a skunk that just got ran over. And the smell lingers and lingers. I have neighbors on my right, big fine home, smokes ever night around 11 pm outside, the stench comes up through my dryer vents and into my kitchen. It makes me choke and hold back from puking. And I can clean bedpans, so I'm not some picky person. But the pot, now, is horrible. The neighbor to the left is smoking right this minute. She goes outside and tokes away. My son and his friends tell me I have the nose of a blood hound. Which actually sucks, I wished I couldn't smell the nasty smell. Because, the smell makes my stomach hurt. If people have pot and smoke that stinky stuff, and they live in a state where it is illegal and they get pulled over, it's a dead giveaway to a cop. The smell doesn't leave for a week, I don't care if you spray lemon, citrus, apple, febreeze, estee lauder, men's cologne, or take a ****, that newer age pot smell is so strong it over powers EVERYTHING ELSE. I wised they would NOT use stinky chemicals or whatever it is to grow it or make it, that eludes funky aroma. I wouldn't mind smelling it if it smelled like it did in the 1980's. I absolutely loathe the smell of cigarettes. But the newer pot smell, I think I would chose to smell a stale cigarette. Which is gag a mag.
  4. Dominica

    Dominica Recovery Advocate @ Moving Beyond Codependency Community Listener

    @Debrina hi there. so sorry you're going through this. i too have the nose of blood hound...and certain smells make me cringe. not sure what i would do if my neighbors created a smell that made me sick... perhaps have a talk with them if they were not the type to fly off the handle.

    i've not noticed that pot smells different...but i only smell it in crowds sometimes, like at festivals. seems to smell the same to me...

    i hope you can get some sort of relief...
  5. CarolMartin

    CarolMartin Member

    Hey, guys. It goes without saying, that the growing marijuana at home can be hard, but anyone can learn it and have the great result - high-quality weed. Frankly speaking, I was always for growing your own marijuana. I remember buying it from people and it was just bad sometimes. After a few bad ones I started growing it and since then I use only the marijuana that I grow. You need a lot of equipment to grow it at home, but the money you will spend on equipment will be returned in some months. Of course, you should be sure if it's legal in your country or state, for example I have known all the info at Urban Aroma, because if it isn't legal in your country or state, you can have the great problems with the police. That is why you should be very careful.
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  6. azazello

    azazello Member

    Yes, my biggest problem with marijuana is the smoke. Can't get out of your home for a long period of time afterward. I've noticed that if you want to get rid of the smell but you don't want to waste any money on an air freshener, you can do it by burning popcorn. It might sound silly, but the smell of burning popcorn could make a house fire just smell like another movie night gone wrong. In my experience, few smells mask other odors better and linger in the air longer than an accidentally burnt bag of microwavable popcorn and you will be able to eliminate the smell of even some of the best cannabis products that can be purchased from places like San Francisco Cannabis Dispensary. Just make sure you don't turn your fire alarm on.
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