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Marijuana vs tobacco

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by cpinatsi, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. JoshPosh

    JoshPosh Community Champion

    This is true. Good points made. Pure form is less harmful then that of the cigarette types that are sold around the world. 100+ chemicals are added into cigarettes. Hence the reason why a lot of people are going with vapor because of the lower number of chemicals used and the obvious, no bad odors.
  2. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    I am no expert or exactly knew what both marijuana and tobacco can do to the body. I am also not a user of any of those. But in my opinion, both are harmful and it is better not to use any of those bad substances. Specially here that marijuana is illegal, it is hard to see it as something as at least a "better" substance compared to tobacco.
  3. Nergaahl

    Nergaahl Community Champion

    In my opinion, tobacco is more harmful. Both are bad for you, but I haven't heard of anyone dying (only) from weed yet. Plus, it is used for medical purposes, so it can actually HEAL some people. In turn, tobacco doesn't do any good to anyone.
  4. bsthebenster

    bsthebenster Community Champion

    Smoke in general is not good for the lungs, tobacco and marajuana both leave buildup in the lungs. If injested in other pure forms both substances are not as bad for you. Tobacco is a stimulant and Marajuana is a depressant. Both have different side effects. If someone body does better on stimulants, pure nicotine would be less damaging. If someone shoud use medical marajuana tablets for another cronic disease, then weed is less damaging. It depends on the person. Some people don't do well with either substances.