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Marijuna not seen as a problem

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by tasha, Dec 3, 2015.

  1. KingEeyore

    KingEeyore Member

    There are certainly some major generalizations in this thread. There are so many variables with each individual and their personal experiences with marijuana or around marijuana users it's hard for me to claim such strong opinions on the matter. Beliefs are often a result of an individuals perspective. Often times that perspective was likely skewed from some sort of biased environment from what was believed to be trusted sources. This subject is so extensive and contains so many viewpoints it makes for muddy waters in argumentation. Their are a lot of people that use marijuana responsibility and it has a positive benefit to their lives. Their are a lot of people who also abuse it and it adds negative benefactors. Let's remember to keep in mind that a lot of obese people also abuse cheeseburgers and milkshakes. Perspective is important.
  2. djolem

    djolem Senior Contributor

    Last time I said here it is not addictive I got fierce response and felt really bad about it. My point was that I haven't met anyone who had some serious problems. It was mild addiction, in worst cases they were just nervous for couple of days and it was over. I have been using on and off for 10 years and few years I used every day because I was in college and still never felt addicted to it. I guess it is not like heroin, nicotine or cocaine. It is not that serious. That was my point. You can leave it more easily than the ones I mentioned. I guess I will get same response here. I just like marijuana and even though I haven't smoke from 2012 I will always defend it.
  3. cpinatsi

    cpinatsi Senior Contributor

    Marijuana is as addictive as cigarettes more or less. In my opinion both of them are problems and should be treated as such. There is one exception though, when marijuana is used as a prescription drug.
  4. Joethefirst

    Joethefirst Community Champion

    There has been a great deal written online on how it's not addictive, but mostly by marijuana smokers. The reality is that it is. If it wasn't addictive why do marijuana smokers smoke it, in fact some go as far as to steel just to get their high.
  5. doatk22

    doatk22 Community Champion

    It really is far from the truth. It causes many problems and it IS addictive, whether people want to admit it or not. It's a drug just like any other.
  6. bleblanc10

    bleblanc10 Senior Contributor

    I know a lot of people that often argue this too and I can never quite agree with them.
  7. djolem

    djolem Senior Contributor

    Someone said that usually users of marijuana are talking about the fact that isn't addictive. As I see we have some experience with it. As I probably mentioned before I never had any problem, with my health or with addiction. It was two years or even more since I smoked marijuana. I never had a need to smoke it. It is my choice whether I want to or not.

    On the other hand, how do you know it is addictive? Are you an addict? I would like to know if it is the same thing. Do people who never smoked weed say it is addictive? That makes no sense since the lack of experience. You cannot claim something based on other people experiences or claims.
  8. Scooby Snack

    Scooby Snack Community Champion

    I suppose the question is is the drug itself addictive, or are the feelings and sensations it produces the culprit?

    In my case it certainly was the latter. That said, I've basically cut down my usage entirely and have experienced no adverse effects from it, outside of a longing to "get loose" when I have time to kill and want to chill and relax.
  9. littlemouse

    littlemouse Member

    I agree @tasha! I'm sick of people saying that marijuana isn't addictive, but it very much is. No, it may not be addictive in a chemical way but you can become psychologically dependent on it. It's very harmful to say that it's not, especially when talking to younger impressionable people. People who use it often say it's not a gateway drug, but from experience I would have to say it is. After prolonged use it doesn't have the same effect so users will turn to harder drugs to achieve the same results. Many people aren't aware of how much of a problem marijuana can be.
  10. tasha

    tasha Community Listener Community Listener

    yes that is true, if you can do that then you end up trying something else and this is a statistic that has been proven. to avoid any kind of drug stay away from them altogether including weed because this is the start of many other tests and many of the people I know started with weed and ended up on something else.
  11. Joethefirst

    Joethefirst Community Champion

    I agree it might affect people in different ways and certain people might be more tolerant too it then others but if it wasn't addictive why do people feel that they have to have it. Why can't they just walk away from it.
  12. mscooke

    mscooke Member

    Ok so, I read this entire post before saying anything. I'm a marijuana consumer. I'm a licensed professional. I go to work my 40 hours a week. In my spare time I just happen to smoke weed. It's a gateway drug...if you're looking for one! I've smoked weed for the past 23 years and have never wanted to try anything else. I work in the healthcareprofession and have seen nurses lose their licenses because of prescription drug addiction. I've never thought about compromising my job for weed.
    So, to say it's a gateway drug doesn't ring true in my case at all. I can't understand it when people say how bad it is, it's my equivalent to having drinks. Everyone has a vice some wise than others.
  13. Diana S.

    Diana S. Member

    If you use something everyday it will make you addicted, it doesn't matter if it's called a drug or not. For example caffeine makes you really nervous when you're trying to get over a day without consuming it. Also, alcohol it's way worst than marijuana. It's true that when you smoke everyday and than you try to quit there are some withdrawal symptoms but it lasts only for one or 3-7 days(from my experience). Try to quit smoking and drinking and than you will see that marijuana it's way better than these legal intoxicants. Also, you know there are some great medical effects marijuana provides, most important is that it kills cancer cells. Of course marijuana it's still a drug and if you are a person who doesn't smoke or drink than I applause you and we all have a lot to learn from people like you.
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