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Discussion in 'Low Cost and Free Treatment' started by zodiac, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. zodiac

    zodiac Member

    southern california - inpatient medical detox for alcohol.medicare/medicade.

    spent hours today looking though places on SAMHSA.

    only found two that meet the above.
    one being a court order place,the other had a feeling of the same.
  2. Dominica

    Dominica Recovery Advocate @ Moving Beyond Codependency Community Listener

    @zodiac hey there!! you can also try calling your local social service agencies and ask them to assist you in finding a treatment center... they may offer outpatient services too. also, sometimes reaching out to an addiction specialist in your area could help too.... i know doing the homework is time consuming, but worth it..

    @deanokat has a different link to help locate counselors and such; he will share with you! :)

    i'm glad you're here. hope to get to know you better!
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  3. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    @zodiac... I'm proud of you for searching out places that can help you detox from alcohol. As far as finding a place that takes Medicare/Medicaid, SAMHSA is usually the go-to source that I recommend. There is, perhaps, another option, though. You may be able to find a state-funded treatment center. This article may help you with that:

    How to Find a State-Funded Rehab Center

    Another option would be to call the number at the top of this page (877-711-4786) and ask them if they could possibly help you find a place that takes Medicare/Medicaid.

    One other possibility... Make an appointment with an addiction specialist and see if they can help you find placement. Addiction specialists are doctors who are thoroughly trained in all aspects of addiction. They assess your individual situation and recommend the best next steps for treatment. You can find an addiction specialist in your area by using the Find a Doctor tool on the American Board of Addiction Medicine's website. Here's that link:

    I did a bit of Googling and found a lot of references to California expanding its substance abuse treatment for lower-income folks. Just in case you're not aware of that, here's a link to an article that explains it:

    California Expands Substance Abuse Treatment for Low-Income Residents

    That program involves Medi-Cal. Do you have that coverage?

    We are here to help, support, and listen. If you need us, feel free to lean on us anytime.

    I'm sending you lots of hope, encouragement, and positive, healing energy.
  4. nieprophsono

    nieprophsono Active Contributor

    Ohh, I’ve had the same problem. Local agencies in my town helped me to find the perfect center. Now I’m released from drug addiction, but I have some physical issues. Being addictive, I didn’t care about the health and little about hygiene. If you’re high, you don’t care about brushing your teeth regularly, for example. That caused many dental issues, and I’m looking for a good dentist and maybe some plan to cover it. I’ve found medicare advantage plans for 2022 lately, and there is a possibility of getting extremely cheap dental treatment. What do you guys think? Should I try?
  5. lovecraftXIX

    lovecraftXIX Active Contributor

    Hey, zodiac. How’s it going? I wish I had heard more from you. I hope you’re doing great. People say once you’ve become addicted, you’ll never be able to get rid of it, but I don’t think so. Alcohol was my addiction. It all began when my father died, so I had nothing to do except drink. I’ve spent almost all of my savings on alcohol. I’m very lucky to have a friend who works at He always helps me when I have problems. So, the thing that eventually helped me get rid of this addiction was awareness. One day I realized that drinking alcohol is no more than a bad habit like eating chocolate. It took me a couple of months to forget about it. Now I just don’t want to drink alcohol. I see no sense in it. So, zodiac, mate, I hope you’ve successfully quit this bad habit. BW
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