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Discussion in 'Sobriety Tips and Inspiration' started by princenyc, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. princenyc

    princenyc Member

    Nothing gets your head right like meditation. It took practice but nothing has changed my life more. Everything is just so...clear. I highly recommend it. It may be hard in the beginning but stick with it. It's worth it.
  2. mimsee

    mimsee Active Contributor

    For me, meditation has been a key factor in me staying sober. At first I thought it was silly and I really couldn't clear my mind the way I needed to..but you have to FORCE the thoughts out for the first few weeks. You have to FORCE yourself into a meditative state. I didn't think it was helping at all but I stuck with it, and I'm so glad I did. Meditation is so effective it's ridiculous. Just keep the faith and you'll absolutely pull through.
  3. ic3squid

    ic3squid Member

    Meditation is one of the ways in which you can stay sober, there isn't any other feeling that is as unique as meditation, it completely relaxes your mind and body and puts you in a state of ease, clearing any negatives thoughts and replacing them with the calm, deep mind state of nothingness.
  4. mimsee

    mimsee Active Contributor

    Absolutely. That's the perfect way to describe it, "clearing any negative thoughts and replacing them with calm, deep mind state of nothingness."

    There is nothing quite as stress-free as "nothing." Like I said before, if you haven't reached that state before it may sound silly to you...but I promise if you just keep at it and keep at it and try to reach that state, you will. You have to believe that you can.
  5. Geinnam

    Geinnam Member

    Meditation was hard for me when I first started. I felt silly and felt like I was wasting my time. I had a really hard time clearing my mind of thoughts and thought I was doing it wrong. Thank goodness I spoke with someone very knowledgeable about different kinds of meditation and discovered that you really can't do it incorrectly. My problem was that I was unable to clear my mind and find the "nothingness" that everyone else seemed to achieve. It turned out to be quite common. I have learned to breathe and soften my core. I watch the thoughts come and go just as I would if I were watching flocks of birds landing, chirping, and taking off. I assign no meaning to the thoughts. I just observe.
  6. mimsee

    mimsee Active Contributor

    You pretty much just put it into words where I couldn't xD I also felt super silly and like it was a waste of time. I'm glad that we stuck to it though, it helps so much with day to day life doesn't it?
  7. Geinnam

    Geinnam Member

    I am glad that we stuck to it, Mimsee. Yes, it does help with day to day life. Sometimes I become so overwhelmed that just a small thing can set me off. That is my sign to get into a quite place and meditate. It's amazing what a difference just five minutes can make!
  8. Charli

    Charli Community Champion

    I've tried starting multiple times but like you said it's not that easy to get into. I tend to drift or even if I do somehow make a temporary habit of it I just eventually forget and stop doing it altogether. I agree that it's great practice for anyone who can pull it off though. It's very relaxing and it certainly helps with getting your thoughts in order.
  9. Onionman

    Onionman Active Contributor

    I'm a bit believer in meditation and try to do something meditative every day, whether that's an actual meditation or simply getting into a meditative state. It's one of the few things that helps me ground, get centered and reset myself.

    I still think the concept gets a bad rap because people just assume that you sit cross legged, humming and try to free your mind. The more that people are willing to engage in the concept, the more balanced will be generally in life. I genuinely believe that.
  10. Rainman

    Rainman Community Champion

    I've heard that meditation does help with a lot of things not just addiction. Some spiritualists warn that it's dangerous so I've never tried it. Since most of you guys say that it is helpful, I'll ask you a question instead of relying on the thoughts of people who have never tried meditation in their lives.

    Is it true that there as some dangers associated with meditation?
    True or false?
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Active Contributor

    I have tried before to meditate a plenty of times, but I don't see any change on me, and I just usually try but when 30 minutes have passed I usually fell asleep.

    According to some ancient knowledge; what people usually sees, are known as other reigns beings, so people usually misunderstand what they see.
  12. LifeOrDeath

    LifeOrDeath Member

    Meditation definitely helps! It clears out your mind and makes it free of clutter and stress. Therefore, you no longer feel like you need to avoid those problems with alcohol. It's surprisingly calming and can impact one's outlook to life tremendously.

    I haven't had any problems with meditation so far... And I haven't heard of anyone who does. Until those "dangers" are scientifically proven, then I think I will continue on with my meditation!
  13. calebmelvern

    calebmelvern Member

    I used to be so skeptical about meditation. But the moment I tried it, I immediately felt the positive effect it had on me. It took only a few minutes to realize how great meditation could impact one's life. At first, it was really hard to make it part of my daily routine. I even tried several meditation apps. But really, all it takes is discipline and a few minutes of your day's time.
  14. Dinofossil

    Dinofossil Member

    A quiet are and some time to meditate, I feel, work wonders for the mind and soul. Time to oneself, even if only a scant five minutes, can help cleanse the soul and prepare a person for the challenges and rewards of the future.
  15. Serena

    Serena Active Contributor

    I love meditating. It was very hard for me to start because my mind is always racing. After a lot of practice, I have gotten to the point where I am able to keep my mind quiet. I like the peace and the stillness that it brings me.
  16. JoshPosh

    JoshPosh Community Champion

    Meditation does calm your nerves and puts yourself at ease for the time being. I use to do it a lot back in high school because of trying to balance high school and athletics. It use to calm me down that's for sure. It worked back then and I'm sure it can work now.
  17. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    Good to know that meditation helped you and it could also work for others. I have read that there are lots of benefits one can get from meditating. Agree that it should be constantly or repeatedly done to have success on it.
  18. juno

    juno Community Champion

    I have been trying to get into meditation because I know how beneficial it is and it really can get your head right. However, I just can't get myself to focus. It is really difficult for me to stay on my meditation task. My mind just wanders off to all the issues and problems going on in my life, and I know the key reason for meditation is to take some time to get your mind off all that stuff.
  19. adfnio

    adfnio Community Champion

    Taking an hour out of the day to concentrate on your breathing does wonders to your mind and spirit. It will help relieve stress and brings you peace. These are the things that most of us need anyways, recovering addict or not.
  20. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Community Champion

    I have not tried meditating seriously before. Sometimes, I do close my eyes, try to relax, and think of positive and happy thoughts. I am not sure though if it is the right way of meditation but it somehow makes me feel good inside.