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Meth comedown advise

Discussion in 'Methamphetamine / Meth' started by Switch, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. Switch

    Switch Member

    So I tried glass for the first time did it for regularly 2 days or so (prolly like a half or quarter of a grams worth, its Ben 24. Hours sence I stopped, I feel no mood swings, no sugar cravings, no drug cravings, but I wasn't eating, now I really cant eat most things turn my stomach a little and other things are just so difficult to eat.the feelings like being full and still tryna eat, I also feel dizzy sore and have stomach pains is this all part of the comedown a d please dose anybody have advice for how I can get eating again
  2. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

  3. Dominica

    Dominica Author, Writer, Recovery Advocate Community Listener

    @Switch hey there. thanks for reaching out. i'm not sure.... but it very well could be. it might take a few days for the body to readjust to life without meth.... i do hope others will chime in that have some experience or knowledge concerning this.
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  4. True concern

    True concern Community Champion

    I didn't want to chime in here until today,considering it was your first time with (glass)-Meth by about now or maybe a few hours ago you should start to crave sugar,food,etc and be able to eat assuming you haven't done anymore. Your body will hurt this DOES NOT mean you have a physical addiction to meth this means you over exerted yourself all those hour's you were awake.Eat-sh×t-sleep repeat for a day or 2 and you should start to feel like yourself again. Leave that stuff alone,it will twist your mind in ways you can't imagine and don't want to experience, if your in need of extra energy try a power nap mid day or at lunch time meth will only destroy everything you are and could ever hope to be.Stay Strong and God Bless
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  5. Dominica

    Dominica Author, Writer, Recovery Advocate Community Listener

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  6. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    Thinking about you, @Switch. Let us know how you're doing if you have a chance. We're here and we care.
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