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Meth use and absence of ovulation

Discussion in 'Methamphetamine / Meth' started by Tmj00, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Tmj00

    Tmj00 Member

    hi all,
    Before I begin I know the things I’m about to say some of you will try to lecture me and tell me about how bad it is, but I know and deep down I’ve came to the point where I’ve snapped and know enough is enough. So, my first encounter with meth was when I was 14 years old, at the time I didn’t realise the severity of the effects as my first time it must of been cut heavily because it made me drowsy in a sense but still awake and alert, on the contrary to the typical effects so I didn’t really think anything grand of it, Shortly after I gave it another go and began to have it more and more but only on an occasional basis. By the time I turned 15 I had completely stopped and fell pregnant, 2 months in and I lost my baby which sent me into a downward spiral of confusion and self destruction, although a child really wasn’t ideal for me at this point . I left my then boyfriend who introduced me to the stuff and days to weeks later I got invited out and met my now boyfriend of 3 years. This is when it started to get bad we had handfuls of the stuff just sitting around and there was just so much ait was hard to resist fast forward a month and we had a few oz at any given time, which obviously made my use sky rocket. I was continuously smoking it day and night staying awake for up to 11 days at a time, this went on for a fair few months and I lost about 45 lbs around a month after my 16 birthday I had a change of heart and gave the stuff up for another couple of months, even though my boyfriend and all his friends were still smoking up and staying awake, put all my weight back on and some now I wasn’t overweight but a little chubbier than usual, I began to get swelled ankles and cheeks (still unknown as to why), which in turn made me very self concious which led me to give in and started back up again but I found no matter how good it was or how big the amount I would want to go to bed even days where I’ve had up to a gram. It made me disgusted of what I was doing and sort of gave me a physiological reverse effect, I felt guilty. I moved back to my parents and stopped again. Again just after I turned 17 the same cycle, on and off heavy use at some points and not at others, I didn’t really crave it badly if I didn’t have it though m, now for the past 4 months I’ve been smoking about 0.05 to 0.15 of a g which is a tiny fraction of what I was used to, I have no significant effects apart from mensturation problems. I recently turned 18 and am still using I desperately want to stop as I have discovered after an ultrasound and pelvic exam that I have not been ovulating and have a build up of eggs, I had either no period at all or a long lasting bloody discharge ever since my miscarriage 3 years ago, when my heavy meth use began, after consulting with my doctor she took out the tests but I have not told her about my drug use, I’ve done some research and found that meth does in fact cause anovular menstruation which is the lack of ovulation, my question is are the effects of meth on my ovulation reversible after a while of being sober or will I have to face infertility from such a young age?

    May I add I started menstruating not long before my meth use began I was 14 for both.
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  2. Dominica

    Dominica Recovery Advocate @ Moving Beyond Codependency Community Listener

    @Tmj00 hey there. thanks for sharing. i don't know the answer to your question. is it possible to tell your dr. the truth, so she can advise you? chances are she already has a clue that you're using something... drs have a way of knowing these things... and chances are she will NOT judge you, but be able to give you some insight and advice.

    that's what i would do...

    i do hope that you can kick this addiction for good...!!!