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Methadone Addiction

Discussion in 'Share Your Story Here' started by Misty, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. Misty

    Misty Member

    Hello, I was looking for advice on helping my sister. She was addicted to pain killers for years and wanted to get clean. She couldn't do it on her own and was denied rehab and her Dr just kept prescribing different pain killers and it wasn't helping. She soon found a clinic that would administer methadone. We thought at least this was being given by a Dr instead of her buying pills off the street, it must be safer and better... This is not the case. She is now heavily addicted to the methadone and is getting kicked off state insurance that has been paying for the methadone because her job has insurance but will not cover the methadone. She has been talking about suicide and doesn't know what to do when she isn't allowed to take her methadone dose. She is 40 years old. about 115 lbs and cannot keep weight on for nothing. She has anxiety, depression, adhd, is a heavy smoker and drinks about 3-4 coffees a day. Someone told me about an alternative called Kratom. I have done some research on this and have found most people and studies show it is addictive as well. It also has a lot of side effects. We cannot afford to send her to treatment and she is not strong enough to detox on her own. What do I do?! I don't want to lose my sister. I want to help her and get her back to the way she use to be before the addiction. Any advice is much appreciated! Thank you so much
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  2. Dominica

    Dominica Recovery Advocate @ Moving Beyond Codependency Community Listener

    @Misty hey there. thanks for reaching out. i'm sorry your sister is struggling so much. i'm sure it does feel like a lot for her. i would not advise you to have her use kratom. some people say it's great, but others have become severely addicted to it... the articles are not always the not the best choice.

    she could try working with her regular doctor for now.. come up with a strategy. will her insurance pay for counseling? that will be essential too with the other issues you mentioned. maybe even support group. is she open to attending NA or SMART Recovery?

    the path of recovery is different for everyone... what works for one might not work for another.. but recovery does take a lot of work and effort...and trial and error. it's great she has you for support and encouragement.

    maybe call your mental health agencies and ask them for options... maybe there is a ministry in the area that could be helpful or offer emotional support of some sort.

    take care of you, too. it's easy to worry all the time, but that won't do you or her any good. you are there for her and that's great...

    does this help at all?
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  3. Your sister should talk to an expert and undergo proper medication. Try to contact this health center The ADHD Centre.
  4. True concern

    True concern Moderator

    @Misty i have extensive experience in all these substance's.I was on Ritalin at the age of 6 and it lead me to everything else.Opiates are so tough because it is indeed a physical addiction cold turkey is very dangerous so i will leave some thing's out.A.D.H.D.medication makes your mind analyze in great depth everything this is why college kid's use it to study and what not,however it also makes you dig at emotional issue's which causes extreme depression i know from over ten years of taking these meds,however there is hope but you truly as an addict have to want it and with opiates gradually lessen the dose so your organs dont shut down.I am no specialists that's a fact but i have lived through some,several scenarios i should not have.slowly cut the opiate dose allow your organs to adjust then eventually break the cycle,now i had a very hard time with this so understand support is key and i quit my A.D.H.D.medication and to deal with that insane mind game and irritability i started running.I should have died at least twice and detoxed in such a vicious way i won't describe it if you care to know my story it's all over this site in various places but i start everyday with an aggressive 4 mile run to take that excesse energy away and i know she smokes alot and that's gonna make it hard but to tell the truth i smoke as well.Not as much but my point is it can be done.We are here for you both stay strong and God Bless you Both
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