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Methadone and alcohol detox..

Discussion in 'Share Your Detox Experience' started by Denise, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. Denise

    Denise Member

    I started methadone maintenance to get off a bad pain pill addiction. I took methadone for 4 years, up to 120 mg a day. But I had problems failing drug test alot and I got kicked out from the clinic, after they dosed me down 1 week. Day 2 of no methadone and I felt like hell, worse stuff ever. I found a friend who sold hers and started buying them. I did that for a year. Until something happened at her house and police were involved so she quit selling them. I went into severe detox from it. I'd take 10 10mg hydrocodone and it wasn't touching me. I started drinking heavily, vodka and beer from the time I woke up until bedtime. After 3 months of withdrawal my body quit aching and my legs quit hurting, but I was a bad alcoholic. I would drink a 30 pack of beer every day, plus vodka shots. And I was smoking meth too. Finally after 1 year of that I had to be put im ICU for 3 days then sent to a psych hospital for 3 weeks. They started me off with strong benzos for alcohol detox. I had a siezure and was shaking all the time. But those detoxing experience broke me from getting addicted ever again, to anything.
  2. ayywithemm

    ayywithemm Member

    Oh that's quite a large amount, almost suicidal and it wasn't touching you! You must have built up quite a resistance to it.
    Glad to hear that you're better now even if it was painful to get there. No pain, no gain. :)
  3. JayLyn

    JayLyn Active Contributor

    You are the first person I have read or heard about that detoxed off of methadone by themselves. I tried to for a total of ten days by myself, on the ninth day I told my boyfriend who got me to a drug and alcohol counselor the next day and from there to the hospital on the eleventh day where they gave me clonodine in high doses. When I got to the hospital I was in such bad shape that I cried and screamed until they gave me a sedative to knock me out. The nurse told me that it was the one and only time they would do it because it would wreck the de-tox to continue to give me any kind of mood altering drugs. It took ten more days in the hospital before I was detoxed.
    Its funny that you mention alcohol as your choice for getting off methadone because that is what I tried using too, but it didn't work for me, I couldn't stand the pain. The clonidine worked but it has to be given under supervision because it can lower your blood pressure too much. The first few days I thought they were giving me too much because I would get really dizzy and hardly be able to make it to the bathroom, but it took away all the symptoms of withdrawal, amazingly enough (either that or I just slept through them). I would never recommend someone try to get off methadone or alcohol on their own. Both detoxes should be done under medical supervision as seizures can occur during the withdrawal process.
    I went on to drink alcoholically but that was years after the methadone withdrawal. How are you doing now? Me, I'm good but will have to admit that I ended up going back to the methadone (illegally) and then finally got a doctor to put me on the program which I will probably never get off of. If you haven't started taking methadone my advice is don't. It is the hardest thing to come off of both mentally and physically.