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Methadone "black hole"

Discussion in 'Opiate Withdrawal Treatment' started by missbishi, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    The methadone program available in Scotland has come under criticism from the Centre for Drug Misuse Research. It was described as being a "black hole", where addicts are simply fed methadone day in, day out and no real progress is ever made. The Centre recommends programs should be re-evaluated after two years and if no progress is being made, suboxone should be given.

    Healthcare in Scotland, like the rest of the UK, is free and so the continued use of methadone is likely to be a cost issue. Whilst suboxone is more expensive, the success rate is much higher so making this more available might actually save money in the long run. The full story is below:
  2. pineywood

    pineywood Community Champion

    Thanks for sharing the article. I hope that Scotland carries through on investigating and following through to determine how successful their program is and implement any needed changes. I must admit, I was surprised to learn how long some people stay on the methadone program.

    I would suppose and hope, that even although the cost of suboxone is more, the bottom line is saving lives, not money. Should be interesting to see how this unfolds.
  3. amethyst

    amethyst Community Champion

    I have heard from former heroin users that the methadone programs that they were put on, often were worse than taking heroin. They had all kinds of health problems and many couldn't overcome their addiction and dependency on methadone for a long time. So, personally, I am not in favor of methadone. There are different treatment methods that are more effective.
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  4. pineywood

    pineywood Community Champion

    Oh, this is disconcerting to hear! I worried about all the risks involved, along with continued dependency and addiction. I have just begun to research the other avenues and treatments available to overcome this addiction.
  5. karmaskeeper

    karmaskeeper Community Champion

    I had a friend of mine to over dose on methadone. I find it funny to see how changing one bad habit for another could ever help anyone. I guess people think its less harmless because a doctor is saying it'll help when in fact it doesn't not from where i'm standing anyway.
  6. pineywood

    pineywood Community Champion

    Sorry to hear about your friend. I had a lot of confusion over this option. Another member, Kalb13 explained it quite thoroughly. You many want to check out this thread under this section, it really helped me make more sense of the options with the pros and cons.
  7. kana_marie

    kana_marie Community Champion

    Around here where heroin is uncommon, but OxyContin is everywhere, they never prescribe methadone. Why can't they just prescribe suboxen from the start?
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  8. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    I've heard several excuses that suboxone is too expensive. But if it has a better chance of keeping someone off drugs for good then the cost to society is outweighed. Social problems caused by drug addiction cost the taxpayer far more than treatment programs do.
  9. kana_marie

    kana_marie Community Champion

    Methadone can actually be worse and harder to kick than heroin, for a lot of people. I knew a girl who used to be a heroin addict. If she was around methadone those same cravings popped up.
  10. cpinatsi

    cpinatsi Senior Contributor

    I have heard similar news in my country as well. It is really sad not to be able to be free of drugs, be it any drug addicts are using or be it methadone.