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Mom and crack

Discussion in 'General Substance Abuse Discussion' started by Falcon, Dec 21, 2019.

  1. Falcon

    Falcon Member

    Hey its been a little time since i posted. My mom was doing well. Shes been sober for a few months, i much longer. But it seems she has no self control still. She goes on the hunt for xanax, which isnt too troubling, but after taking it she orders crack. It all started cause she was feeling sick. I just want to have a normal life. Now shes digging in every nook and cranny looking for money and talking everyones ear off. Shes suppose to be at a family gathering today, lord knows if she'll make it. Its literally everyday- something goes wrong.
  2. DoxyMom

    DoxyMom Community Champion

    @Falcon I'm sorry to hear about your Mom. For now just worry about you and your sobriety. You can't make her want to stop. I hate it is happening at the holidays but this is a insidious disease. We are here for you.
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  3. True concern

    True concern Moderator

    @Falcon it's been quite some time since we've chatted but man I want to tell you how incredibly proud of you I am for continuing on a sober path,as far as your mom goes I'm sorry this is tormenting you,to watch a parent struggle is tremendously difficult, I know as my mom is very much on Xanax and a few extremely strong sleeping pills which makes my life very hard as she is diabetic and every night I must check her sugar levels no more than every 90 minutes and when her sugar crashes with all those downers in her it is s9 very hard to get her out of bed to eat so she doesn't die in her sleep,she tells me not to worry about her but like you and many other's ignoring it is not an option as that woman is my mother and I love her so I absolutely must do everything I can to try and keep her here.As for your mom chasing Xanax I can understand after fighting a long time crack addiction however I don't understand taking Xanax then looking for crack,I wish I understood that so I could have some sort of advice or the ability to relate but I do not,so I will leave you with this...Congratulations on your personal success and keep up the fantastic work. Stay Strong My Friend And Merry Christmas To You And Your Entire Family
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  4. Falcon

    Falcon Member

    Hey, i just re read the wonderful replies here. Thank yous very much. Once again, its been about a year... I wish i could say everything was improving...
    Unfortunately its not as simple as one would hope. Firstly, my mom had a hole in her stomach (a long story). So she was in hospital. First, it was for getting her setup with a medicine bag that goes in her arm, cause she was getting no vitamins. Months later, she was rushed back to hospital because of another stomach episode, which she stayed for a week. Then, they gave her the same setup as last time (its a very complicated medicine bage thing) that she carries around with her. And, even with everyone telling her to slow down, concentrate on closing the hole in her stomach, and get herself straight - tonight i seen a crack pipe in her astray. Shes an idiot, theres no other definition for it. Shes still on xanax, which is fine ya know, its whatever. But to still be smoking crack like 5 years later- attached to the memories of her abuser/boyfriend heroine and crack into her, its like a child that never ages; Yet she was a very normal, functioning adult at one time so she has no excuse for it. I mean, shes gonna be back in the hospital in no time.

    But anyway, im ranting. Thank you for the comments and prayers. I hope to have a more up beat, improved story next time. Perhaps next year, as things are dragging me - with it at such a slow rate, or something like that. Thank you for understanding and giving good feedback.
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  5. Falcon

    Falcon Member

    Hey, its been a couple months... Thought id jus keep this thread runnin.... I bought an rc car to play with my cat, then i thought, ill jus check my acct balance just in case.. And of course $9 left in account...guess who withdrawed over $200 worth of crack$ without telling me, cause she was ashamed. I mean, its pretty commonplace, redundant to keep explaining, but i had a question anyway..... Lets say im in casual conversation with a good friend......
    Would it be a conversation mistake to bring up that my mom does crack? Like, do people -who have never been through the ringer even perceive this as anything more, and/or is it just like a bad secret im suppose to let fester. I also have my therapist/psychiatrist i can vent to, but unfortunately with covid, theyve been very reposed... Like, last week the psychiatrist was sick and he didnt give me my meds for 10 days. Do you believe this.
  6. Falcon

    Falcon Member

    The next month arrived. Long story short, I created a bunch of mental plans and shared it with my mom, yesterday (The month always starts out good - so thats good i think)...
    Such as Talking yourself through the steps required to make an ever so slight difference - in the areas you want to see change.
    I made it clear, that it would be incrementally over time, that theres no rush, other than acknowledging your overall habitual behaviours.
    I even explained how the odds are in our favor, because you can do both; making change over time and focusing energy in good departments. Two ways to conquer the world simultaneously, for the better.
    I took it a step further, exploring ideas with her! On the nature of life, and asking her what she thought of the world, and how she imagined life operating on those deepest parts... I mustve been the dry wall of my room, cause she had to call in an 'order' the very same night. I mean, where is it happening, that my metaphorical letter gets garbled in the postal service because these are not the actions of someone who's receiving my letters.