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Discussion in 'Low Cost and Free Treatment' started by Shimus, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. Villiam

    Villiam Member

    I have known many people who hold a song dear to their heart. Some of them have used it to cope, and others have used it as a means of escaping :)
  2. Belovedad

    Belovedad Active Contributor

    Yes, it's true. It's almost like a I have a specific song at every point in my life that I can turn to to help me out.
  3. remnant

    remnant Community Champion

    I especially like religious songs which inflame me with the Holy Spirit and refocus my psyche away from any remnant addiction that I might have. I have come to realize that the mind is easily the most powerful entity in the body and controls all forms of cravings. When you distract it with wholesome music, the body has no choice but to align. Win the battle there and the rest comes easy.
  4. CryingCanary

    CryingCanary Active Contributor

    Kudos to the person who mentioned Binaural music. There are many of this type of music online they help with soothing me and falling into a deep sleep. I haven't done any research on this whatsoever and I can't speak for anyone, but this music has helped me in so many ways - it's kind of a blessing.