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My brother and cocaine

Discussion in 'Cocaine' started by Lost sole, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. Lost sole

    Lost sole Member

    Need help my brother has cocaine and mental health issues ..I don't know how to approach wen we do he gets aggressive plz help..
  2. Diego

    Diego Member

    My dear friend,
    I myself am addicted to cocaine and have a mental condition. The thing is... as long as we continue to use cocaine (which is basically self medication to counter common symptons of mental instability) the meds stop working and the brain chemistry is out of whack.
    The most important thing is to try to school your brother in this matter.
    It only gets worse with age. It progresses and impacts the structure and chemistry of the brain, robbing the mind of a natural well being.

    I am going to ask my psychiatrist to prescribe me
    Antabuse... which helps with cravings and atuff.
    See if that works.
    It is imperative that mental care is provided and monitored.
    Hooe this helps.

    Good luck and blessings
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  3. Lost sole

    Lost sole Member

    Thank you Diego for your reply...I live in Ireland and just hope they have that medication here..I just don't know wat to do...its a very scary time..he's on it about a hope its not to late.. And I hope you sort your life out soon as every life is precious... Xxxx
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  4. Diego

    Diego Member

    Thank you for replying.
    Stay connected. Talk about it, write about it and ... pray about it.
    Cocaine is highly addictive. I have been struggling with it for years. But thanks to the support of my wife and family, I have had time to reflect on the pain I am causing with my addiction. My younger brother cut me completely off his life. It hurts. He wont even speak to me. I am glad you’re still there for your brother.
    I wish you and your brother the best.
    Fight the battle. I believe it is possible to overcome this!!
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