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My story: Caffeine addiction

Discussion in 'Other Substances' started by Morvack, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. Morvack

    Morvack Active Contributor

    Looking back on it all now, my 21 years of life, I realized what a fool I was, and what a fool I probably am right now. I spent my life, as long as I could remember drinking soda. I would drink it every day. When I became a teenager, I found my self interested in energy drinks. I thought drinking so much caffeine without any side effects good or bad, made me so cool. As I said, I was a fool. At one point, I measured how much soda I was drinking in a days time. A two liter soda bottle, some times more. This should of been a red flag for me, but I always blew off the hype of how addictive and harmful caffeine can be. I always thought of those against soda and caffeine in general were just over protective, extremely paranoid stereotypical soccer moms who want to force their way of thinking down the throats of anyone who would listen. I guess that is pretty typical for addiction. Thinking your right and everyone else is wrong.

    I first began my climb to conquer addiction mountain at the behest of my current and loving girlfriend. I just remember, her, her uncle ( whom I am good friends with ) , and her aunt telling me how truly bad soda is for you. I got the "You need to decide for your self when your ready to quit" speech from all of them at their dinner table. Surprisingly, this didn't irritate me in the slightest. They came off sincere instead of preachy, like it normally does from people. That is when I realized I may have a problem. I decided to wean my self off, using soda water. Something flavored like soda, but didn't provide caffeine, and only a little sugar. That was my girlfriends idea and how she got herself off soda. She really is brilliant. I am still scaling said mountain, with its peak always being just out of reach. My energy and motivation has dropped like a rock. I now try to drink a gallon of water a day. I try to have soda only at meals or when I am just waking up. I am relapsing slightly, but I am always hearing my girlfriends influence in my head, keeping my on the straight path.
  2. Nick W.

    Nick W. Community Listener Community Listener

    Caffeine is a hard one, because so many people embrace it as part of their everyday life, and like other things that are "legal" but still drugs, that does not mean people cannot get addicted. I think that you sound like you evaluated your life, what you were doing, and what was best for you, and started on the path you are on now. That's a great thing. I think it's important however to understand that not everyone is going to agree, not everyone is going to see it as the same "problem" or "harmful" substance, and that's OK. It's not about making someone else feel bad, it's about showing support, helping out, and giving information. What they do with it, that's a different story.

    I commend you on your journey so far. I was a huge soda drinker, and also a "Vivran" taker, but I have sense stopped taking both. I now drink unsweetened tea, or ice water, and that's about it. It was hard, and probably gave me more withdrawal symptoms that anything else I had ever tried.
  3. Morvack

    Morvack Active Contributor

    Thanks for the kind words Nick :D. My intent wasn't to make myself or anyone else feel bad. Just when I write something close to home like this, my thoughts start turning into the voice of one of my favorite writers, Anthony Bourdain. So I tend to type things as I think he would. I am just glad I didn't turn onto anything else that can be as harmful (or more so). I think I have an addictive personality in general, as I have had a rampant video game addiction as well (World of warcraft, skyrim , and oddly enough, solitaire. That of course is another thread for another time.
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  4. Davienna

    Davienna Community Champion

    I realized I was getting addicted to coffee, as even during my working hours I had to go to the coffee shop. I was becoming rather dependent on coffee to keep my eyes open and due to the fact that I am always on some diet, it helped to control my appetite. Many persons are really addicted to caffeine and make it a part of their everyday life, not realizing the side effects. Its a good thing you quit as sodas will cause your belly to look like a balloon in short order:)
  5. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    Good to know that you are trying to get rid of it totally. Just keep yourself motivated and you can be really successful with all the support around you.
    I am not into coffee but there are also other beverages that I really like with caffeine but not addicted to it, like green tea.
  6. notodrugs

    notodrugs Community Listener Community Listener

    Thanks for your story Morvack. I am also an avid coffee drinker. Early on, I decided not to indulge since I don't want to get sick or even just to feel edgy. I got that when I had about 3 cups. It gave me palpitations which bothered me so much.

    Sodas, being high in sugar, do give a lot of illnesses including diabetes which our family has. So that's also not good for me. Thus, it was a decision early on no matter how much I'd love to have some more, I just can't due to health reasons which I find beneficial to me.

    So being able to quit it on your end is amazing. Hope you continue to decide to keep it at bay. Carry on!
  7. valiantx

    valiantx Community Champion

    Ugh, soda hurt my teeth and body. I only consume it now on certain occasions or if there is nothing else to drink.

    Caffeine is very addicting, because I was stuck on tea for the longest time, although its not a bad habit, it did stain my teeth and kept me up at night when I should have been sleeping. I have never been a coffee drinker, and only drink it when I have nothing or need to warm up and go do something that requires much energy.
  8. Morvack

    Morvack Active Contributor

    You are welcome. I am trying to not cut it out of my diet completely, just enough so its negatives effects are not so negative. A good example, is I recently dropped 20 pounds. Just from the switch over. I tend to have a cup of soda for breakfast, help me wake up, and a bit a dinner. I enjoy the flavor too much to cut it out completely. But i still consider the difference between then, 2 liters, to now, at least 2 cups. Sometimes more, as I said, not completely beat it just yet.
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  9. GenevB

    GenevB Community Champion

    Congratulations for deciding to take care of yourself and your faith. I know how addictive drinking soda might be and it's a good thing your trying to stop it, maybe you should want to replace all the soda with a good coffee daily, after a while cut that out too.
  10. Friele

    Friele Member

    Good for you to take control over your life .
    For some caffeine and nicotine is the worst addictions to kick, because as Nick W. said it is an every day thing in many people's life , and its not seen as bad as other things. Sugar has gotten a worse rep lately, but also caffeine is under attack as being a culprit for a bad lifestyle.
    In my book caffeine from black coffee is not half as bad as the one from soda, as there are other substances in the soda that also effect your body in a bad way each by them self, but even worse when combined. But good on you for taking control over your life and getting it back on track.
    Good luck!
  11. maryannballeras

    maryannballeras Senior Contributor

    I'm a big caffeine lover as well and I definitely know the struggles that people face while trying to keep away from it. In my case, it was already my health that required me to get low with caffeine. If it's not for that, I might still be addicted to it up until now. I hope everything goes well for you!
  12. Morvack

    Morvack Active Contributor

    Yeah, it's like being an alcoholic and all you have in your fridge is booze. Same principle, but alcohol is worse. I need to keep water in stock, so I don't turn to soda . It really helps.
  13. proldani

    proldani Member

    We tend to believe that only drugs and alcohol can be addictive, but many substances inside the meals we purchase everyday at the suoermarket (mostly from processed foods) have the potential to become addictive.

    Due to a lack of education, many countries around the world are facing severe health problems as a direct result of the food we consume.
  14. Onionman

    Onionman Active Contributor

    Well done for accepting that you've got a problem. It's certainly an interesting one, given that a lot of people only think in terms of illegal substances as being the addictive ones. It's almost a socially acceptable addiction that you have, which probably makes it harder for some people to connect with. I hope you continue to find the right kind of support on your journey.
  15. Nick W.

    Nick W. Community Listener Community Listener

    Yeah, I can tell you from experience that processed foods can cause significant cravings & withdrawal symptoms, when initially eliminated from the diet. Everything from headaches to the shakes, and it is not pleasant. Anything that causes that chemical change is going to have some ramifications.
  16. Nate5

    Nate5 Active Contributor

    Good for you for recognizing that you have an addiction problem. Caffeine is a bit iffy just because it's so common, and can be justified in its usage for studies, concentration, or just staying awake. I feel like it's also eaily tolerated, so as you consume, you'll need more and more of it to have an effect.

    Just remember that if you need to stay awake and feel refreshed, try sleep instead of caffeine :)
  17. Morvack

    Morvack Active Contributor

    Thank you all for your kind words . It really is a hidden addiction I am sure a tun of people have, but very few will deal with. I wasn't aware processed food could be addictive. I will certainly look into it. I wonder why caffeine isn't controlled in the states? Canada does, and their soft drinks are better quality for it.
  18. Nate5

    Nate5 Active Contributor

    I would like it's not as in need of regulation because people don't see it as a problem. We laud the good things it does for us, such as staying awake, finding inspiration and creativity, and just a feel good boost. Since it's not as addictive, people don't see it as an issue, so they don't write to their government officials to get it regulated. Not to mention the number of companies that make money off of caffeine, like coffee shops and soda manufacturers. I guess it's also because it's really easy to get off the addiction too (for most people anyway).
  19. Morvack

    Morvack Active Contributor

    I would disagree entirely. NO ADDICTION is at all easy to get off. Caffeine is extremely rampant among most societies. Even the ones that consider it a controlled substance. Yes it is common to tout the good parts of caffeine, same as people do with alcohol, and marijuana. Everyone ignores the negative effects, which is actually pretty odd for human behavior, because typically negative news travels much faster than positive.

    Caffeine is all around me. Do you know how hard it is to keep an addiction in check when there is tun of what you are addicted to around you?
  20. Brady2121

    Brady2121 Active Contributor

    I use to have a bad caffeine addiction. After realizing how bad it was for my health, I knew I had to make a change. Although it was a slow process, I eventually stopped drinking caffeine completely (With the help of all the encouragement from my loved ones).

    At this point in my life, I drink two things, water and milk. I can honestly say I've never felt as healthy as I do now!