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Need advice

Discussion in 'General Substance Abuse Discussion' started by Shuddertothink, Nov 23, 2019.

  1. I had been doing drugs since I was a teen. About 6 years ago I moved to get away from all of those people. I'd been doing really good. I found out one of my sisters who I was very close with was basically homeless. I paid to get her a bus ticket here to stay with me for a while. We used to get high a lot. So since she's been here, through no fault of her own, it put me back in that kind of mindset. I briefly relapsed just once for one day. But I can't quit having those thoughts. I keep thinking about wanting to get high. I have no idea what to do. I can't just make her leave. She has nowhere to go.
  2. can i ask what drug?
  3. Take your pick. Heroin, coke, crack, pain killers, benzos, bath salts. But if you mean my recent relapse it was coke. Injected.
  4. True concern

    True concern Moderator

    Do you remember what your rock bottom was that made you quit originally?Every time you think of getting high,remember why you got off it the first time. (Just my opinion, I pray it helps you overcome the "pleasure"memory aspect)
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  5. It's more than that. I'm not placing any blame on my sister but... I'm second guessing myself for bringing her here. It's really not her fault but I was fine before this. I hit rock bottom a few times so yes I remember quite well. The last rock bottom made me move to a new state so I could start over.
  6. I don't do meetings because I leave feeling worse. I had someone to help me thru it and for 6 years everything was fine.
  7. Bullwinkle

    Bullwinkle Community Champion

    Until I reached my bottom and surrendered, I relapsed multiple times due to the obsession/craving returning . My addiction (symptom) temporarily took away the pain caused by my mental illness (problem). Temporarily is the operative word, for if my pain relief wasn’t temporarily, there wouldn’t be addiction. I continued to use that which temporarily took away my pain, even after due to tolerance it increasingly stopped working and it was killing me. The reason I continued, was that I was attempting to recapture the original pain relieving experience, which was impossible to accomplish. When I finally realized this, I reached my bottom choosing life over death, surrendered and recovered. Now in my 40th year since I recovered, even though I’m around many that drink and use other drugs, the obsession/craving has not returned.
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  8. Onceaddicted77

    Onceaddicted77 Spam fighting Moderator & Realist Community Listener

    I have been a drug user for about 20 years now and im in recovery. One big thing I have figured out that for myself drug use is usually indicative of just boredom especially cocain but it causes more boredom which leads to more use as you probably know.

    I try to keep myself busy doing things and I did have to find new things to do to have fun that didnt remind me of my drug use at first.

    Now I can be around any drug or alchohol and I am not tempted any more. I could not say that in the past for sure. But I started to grow as a person and I came to an understanding that I want to be healthy now and do things differently for the other half of my life.

    I try to eat organics and whole foods and I'm I'm the process of switching to a plant based diet because everything we need to feel good and be happy is in our perception of life and in our diet.

    I'm also in the process of giving up caffeine and nicotine because I understand that these chemicals can unnaturally change my transmitters and with that comes rebounds which causes mood swings. Im trying to keep my mood as positive as possible because depression can cause a relapse.

    We always think we can control it the next time around the drug and ultimately thats what controls us.
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  9. DoxyMom

    DoxyMom Community Champion

    Is there anyway you can get her to stop? Can you tell her she will have to leave if not? Was she homeless due to addiction? Then quitting is good for her too.
  10. UKaddicted66

    UKaddicted66 Member

    you wear your heart on your sleeve , its your sister , before i go on, how is the situation two weeks on ? how are you doing now?
  11. Sober forever

    Sober forever Member

    Hey, talk to her, after all, she is your family. See if you can get her to go through the process with you. I think it will be a good idea for you both to talk about it. You're the frontrunner now. I know it will be hard, one step at a time. If you stop without her successfully, theres a pain you'll feel when you still see her on it. So take the leap together. I hope to hear from you.

    Sober forever.