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need help figuring out whats happening to me (waking blackouts)

Discussion in 'Heroin' started by doug smith, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. doug smith

    doug smith Member

    I started this thread 2 years ago and i just wanted to update real quick that ive quit dope for a year and a half now, and life is slowly getting better. lots of great input here and also ive seen people experiencing the problems i was having frequently. It seems the different types of fetanyl and whatever other stuff its being cut with was mostly the culprit. Thanks to everyone that contributed to this thread. GL and stay safe
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  2. Davers

    Davers Community Champion

    Good for you man.

    It does take time , awesome yr a year & a half off the 'Crazy' Dope.

    It's a dangerous game to play .
    Stay Strong.
  3. Invisible

    Invisible Active Contributor

    Nice. Yep its the fent dope. Bars are being cut into that stuff too. Heroin #4 powder (generally found in north america east of the mississippi and up through canada) is no longer heroin. Its a cocktail.
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