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Need help! (Opioid withdrawals)

Discussion in 'Prescription Drugs' started by NeverAgain333, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. NeverAgain333

    NeverAgain333 Member

    Hello everyone, my story began just a couple of months ago when a friend of mine offered me a blue (roxy 30mg), I immediately feel in love with it and started doing it every couple of days(any where from 1-2 roxys).Doing it every couple of days for about 4 months ending up leading me to become heavily addicted and before I knew it I was taking it every day. My tolerance quickly grew and went from taking 2 a day to 4 a day. My everyday addiction only lasted about a month and half before I decided to put it down for good. I pretty much got through the early withdrawals, which were mostly mental (anxiety, depression). The reason I’m here looking for help is because I’m on day 6 without any oxycodone and I haven’t been really able to sleep at all ever since I put it down cold turkey and the restless leg syndrome is almost unbearable which makes it even harder to fall asleep. Does anyone have an idea how long I should expect to continue to feel this way and will the anxiety and depression continue to get better? Remember I was taking 2-4 a day for about a month and a half.( which i feel like isn’t much compared to other users in the forums)
  2. Dominica

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    @NeverAgain333 hey there! i replied on a different post earlier from you... hoping you'll get some feedback from other community members!