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Need help! (Opioid withdrawals)

Discussion in 'Prescription Drugs' started by NeverAgain333, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. NeverAgain333

    NeverAgain333 Member

    Hello everyone, my story began just a couple of months ago when a friend of mine offered me a blue (roxy 30mg), I immediately feel in love with it and started doing it every couple of days(any where from 1-2 roxys).Doing it every couple of days for about 4 months ending up leading me to become heavily addicted and before I knew it I was taking it every day. My tolerance quickly grew and went from taking 2 a day to 4 a day. My everyday addiction only lasted about a month and half before I decided to put it down for good. I pretty much got through the early withdrawals, which were mostly mental (anxiety, depression). The reason I’m here looking for help is because I’m on day 6 without any oxycodone and I haven’t been really able to sleep at all ever since I put it down cold turkey and the restless leg syndrome is almost unbearable which makes it even harder to fall asleep. Does anyone have an idea how long I should expect to continue to feel this way and will the anxiety and depression continue to get better? Remember I was taking 2-4 a day for about a month and a half.( which i feel like isn’t much compared to other users in the forums)
  2. Dominica

    Dominica Recovery Advocate @ Moving Beyond Codependency Community Listener

    @NeverAgain333 hey there! i replied on a different post earlier from you... hoping you'll get some feedback from other community members!
  3. True concern

    True concern Moderator

    @NeverAgain333 i to respond on other post but your muscles are full of toxins and i would say warm bath with epsom salt it works for the legs again i know from experience but your maybe a week or two away from being done
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  4. Workingonit

    Workingonit Member

    I went through withdrawal from oxycodone and this is what worked for me: every night before bed, I took a very hot bath (so hot I could barely stand to get in) with some kind of bath salts, epsom salts are great. I also made sure to eat healthy food, lots of veggies and fruit, in spite of the diarrhea (for which I took OTC Immodium). I also used ibuprofen for occasional muscle aches. To sleep, Valerian root is helpful although it does smell like dirty socks. You can also try an OTC sleep aid like Alteril (I found it at Walgreens) which is a combo of melatonin, valerian, tryptophan (the stuff in turkey that makes you sleepy) and chamomile. Eventually it will get better, I promise.
    Oh, and during the day, even though you won't feel like it, try to get outside and get some good sunshine and maybe even take a walk. The more active you are during the day the easier it will be to sleep at night. You can do this. It sucks and it hurts, but not forever.
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  5. Dominica

    Dominica Recovery Advocate @ Moving Beyond Codependency Community Listener


    First of all, congrats to you for getting off pain pills. It does seem that you discovered a way that worked for you to get through those withdrawal symptoms. Also thank you for coming here and encouraging others.

    I really had no idea that there was something in turkeys that made us sleepy LOL. My roommate has taken Alterel to help her sleep, and it seems to help sometimes.

    Again, thank you for sharing. Your presence here means a lot.
  6. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    @Workingonit... Thanks for your insight. Suggestions Tom people who have “been there, done that” are one of the great things about this community!

    @Dominica... You’ve never seen the turkey/tryptophan episode of Seinfeld???
  7. Josh111187

    Josh111187 Community Champion

    Hi I can't speak any further to what you can do to help relax and sleep as what has already been said is about all that I know can help...also speaking from experience.
    Everyone is different, but in my case as is true with most people who have detoxed from oxy, is that the emotional impact from the withdrawals lasts a while longer than the physical ones. Not by much especially in your case since you haven't been using for years and years.
    And the only reason I bring this up is because I too was coming off of pain killers about seven years ago(my first attempt) and I took a week off from work and it was horrible and agonizing but when the physical W/D stopped by the end of the week I went back to work thinking I was home free.
    Well about two or three weeks later I was facing emotional ups and downs that were so distracting for me that I was having a hard time with my job and in other areas also as I was generally depressed. So I'm sitting there one day and decided that I would be better off if I started back and tapered really slowly as to avoid any unpleasant side effects. Well I know now that the side effects are unavoidable.
    In my situation this led me to a relapse that was far worse than the original addiction to oxy. I am still weaning off of Subutex today.
    So I guess I'm just trying to encourage you to stick with it to the end and all of these bad feelings will pass.
    Continue to seize the opportunity to stay clean and your life will be fulfilling. Good luck!!
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  8. Sharon24

    Sharon24 Member

    this is my first time on here so I'm not sure how this works but I want to get off the oxy's that I been on for 5 or more years
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  9. True concern

    True concern Moderator

    Well this work's in any way you need,tell your story,vent,anything you need to say say it. I will share my struggles first.This is how i started my journey of the unknown when i needed help.This is just so you know i know what you're going through.This is my story of addiction.I was born in the early 80's at the age of six year's old i was diagnosed with that time there was a new F.D.A.approved drug by the name of Ritalin.At first it seemed to be a miracle pill,I was on this pill until the age of 18 at that time i decided i was no longer going to take this pill and it began just under a year passed and someone said "Have you ever tried crystal"which i had not at that time but i tried it and instantly noticed that it was 100% the same effect i got from Ritalin only difference was it lasted longer,or seemed to but honestly it was probably the quantity i was doing was greater than that of Ritalin i struggled with meth on and off for roughly 20 year's,not only meth but i was as well consuming 750ml of Jack Daniel's a day plus a 12 pack of beer.For those who don't know when you mix the two you don't appear to get drunk which is very deadly because infact you do get drunk however you don't realise it until it's too late meaning alcohol poisoning.I experienced this a few times and actually died on a hospital bed due to this fact,it took 3 hits with a defibrillator to restart my heart and i was told the only reason I was hit 3 times was because i was only 19 year's old,but usually after the second time if your heart doesn't restart you are then pronounced dead,but a nurse pleaded with the try one more time and he did and my heart started back up.I didn't know at the time but that nurse was actually the mother of the lead singer of Sublime who just lost her son to a heroin overdose.I am forever grateful for that nurse without her plea i would be another statistic.Unfortunately I didn't quite using drug's at that time i just traded substances.I started abusing pain pills heavily and increased that addiction to catastrophic proportions,it got so bad i started injecting heroin which i quickly traded for oxycontin because it was much stronger than heroin.I abused fentanyl as well but nothing compared to the oxycontin.At my worst i was injecting 240-320mg's of oxycontin a day,feeling i wouldn't survive another month i decided to seek help.I'm poor and i come from poor parent's so my options were limited,i ended up at a methadone clinic for help slowly decreasing my extremely high tolerance.At the clinic i had an interview with a drug addiction counselor and an addiction physician,i was hoping for good news but what i heard shock me to my core.I was told by both the same thing,"Sir we are sorry to tell you but your addiction and tolerance is beyond the point of return,whether you quit or continue either way you cannot survive you have if your lucky a month to live"My heart sank and i decided at that moment if i was going to die i would die trying.I went home and prayed and then i called my wife into the room to tell her the news.At that moment i apologized to her told her how much she meant to me and made her promise if i didn't make it she would move on re marry and live a happy life and she noded yes.After that i quite cold turkey and suffered pain and sickness i cannot describe,for 27 straight day's i did not leave the bedroom,i did not eat,i did not sleep,i hallucinated,i screamed in intense unimaginable pain,i lost over 50 pound's in that time frame and had to be rushed to the hospital 3 time's where they would rehydrate me and try to give me pain shots to stall the detox which i refused.On day 28 I took my first steps after i quite and by the grace of God i survived and this May im married 18 year's to my beautiful wife and guardian angel.This is the first time I've shared my story of addiction and i did it for one reason alone,i want everyone to know i understand what you are going through and no matter how bad it gets there is hope.I'm here for each and everyone of you,if you ever need someone to talk to,if you ever feel no one understands im all ears and i do understand.Stay Strong We're rooting for you
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  10. Sharon24

    Sharon24 Member

    I'm a little older but I also was on Ritalin 4 a day. Then somehow got mixed up with pain pills. That's the only drug I have ever used. My husband a vet died 4 years ago from agent orange at Veterans Hospital. The use has gotten out of hand on the amount of pills. I have tried to quit a few times but end up getting more then face the withdrawals.
  11. True concern

    True concern Moderator

    Addiction knows no age,im sorry for your loss i watch my dad struggle to survive,he's 70 year's old and has lung cancer and agent orange has been a big battle as well.First i need to know honestly how many mg's on average aday
  12. Sharon24

    Sharon24 Member

    On the average 15 a day. 7.5 and 10's also. I can't do it anymore. I need more and more as time goes on.
  13. True concern

    True concern Moderator

    Ok so i usually through around a bunch of scary facts that I've lived and say things that work i think with most,however considering your age(No disrespect meant) you absolutely need to speak to an addiction specialists and come up with a safe detox method as cold turkey is hard and potentially deadly when we are younger but i fear cold turkey would absolutely be deadly at your age.Share on here and i don't kbow about to night but probably in the morning some other's will post advice as well.I will do my best to see if they will come tonight but i can't be sure. @Dominica @deanokat @Josh111187 @CMMW .Everyone of these individuals have HUGE CARING HEART'S.They have helped me greatly.Stay Strong and God Bless
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  14. Dominica

    Dominica Recovery Advocate @ Moving Beyond Codependency Community Listener


    Hello there and welcome. Thank you so much for reaching out. I'm really sorry about the loss of your husband. I'm sure that has been challenging for you.

    I am glad to hear that you're ready to get off of these pills. I agree that seeing an addiction specialist can be so helpful. Are you able to get to a therapist? Or perhaps a trusted doctor who you can be open with? It can be dangerous to abruptly go off pills on your own, so certainly don't do that.

    Change is possible and change does take some time. I'm sure you've been thinking about this for a while, and now you're ready to take more action toward quitting. Good for you!

    It's not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. Once you can get through the detox stage, and learning how you can keep cravings and triggers to a minimum will do well. You deserve to have a high quality of life, so please start making a plan as to how you're going to approach getting off of these pills.

    We are here to Journey with you and to encourage you along your recovery path. So what do you think you're next up will be?
  15. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    @Sharon24... Welcome to the community, my dear. I'm so glad you found us and took the time to share with us. Coming here and telling us you want to stop taking the oxys you've been taking for so long is a huge step and I'm super proud of you for taking it. I also want to offer you my deepest condolences on the loss of your husband. His service to our country is very much appreciated.

    I agree with @True concern and @Dominica that talking to an addiction specialist would be the best way for you to get started on your recovery journey. You can search for an addiction specialist in your area by using the Find a Doctor tool on the American Board of Addiction Medicine's website. Here is that link:

    An addiction specialist can assess your specific situation and recommend the best next steps for you. They are thoroughly trained in all aspects of addiction and can help you get off of the pills safely while minimizing the withdrawal symptoms.

    Getting and staying clean will likely be challenging, but I know you can do it. And the end result will be a happier, healthier, longer life for you. I think that's definitely worth a little bit of effort, don't you?

    We are here to help, support, and guide you any way we can. We will also listen without judgment anytime you want to get anything off your chest. We're just a caring group of people who have some idea of what you're going through and we want you to know that you're not alone.

    I'm sending you lots of positive vibes, encouragement, and hope. And tons of love and light, too. Please come back here as often as you'd like. Put this community to good use for yourself. We would love it if we could be one of the tools in your recovery tool box.
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  16. Josh111187

    Josh111187 Community Champion

    Hi @Sharon24 what @True concern says is the truth. I was born in 87 so this year I'll be 31. I've been an addict for a long time I started using when I was only15 years old,so about half of my life. I started with the hard stuff like roxycontin, 11years ago. By20 years old I had progressed to injecting heroin.
    it was not long after I got on the needle that I discovered my greatest love and worst enemy ever, injecting oxycontin 80mg tablets. There is no feeling on the planet that comes close to the euphoria of that. However as great as I felt that is as bad as I would feel whenever this horrible chemical was not in my body. And in an attempt to get the high I first got out of this,which I never could, I overdosed many times. At one point I had such a high tolerance to the drug I was risking an overdose just taking enough to keep withdrawals from coming on.
    I make this point not to scare you but so that you are aware that you are going to be at serious risk of this because you're already saying you need more and more.
    When you make the decision to stop using it really has to sink in and you have to understand and be ok with never being high. I tried cold turkey and ended up on life support once. I don't recommend it for you,or anyone really that has a dependency for hard narcotic medication.
    If I were you I would back off your current does as much as possible and get with an addiction specialist I new had a good reputation. In my experience most GP's will just about tell anyone the same thing, take x amount less every week and see you in a couple months when yout are all cured!
    It does not work that way. Take this seriously and you can be free again and happier than you thought, but pay attention to your body it will become uncomfortable at points and you should tell your doctor everything that you experience.
    I'm currently on a scheduled detox with a psychiatric addiction specialist and I keep a daily log on how I'm feeling. What I eat ect.
    Anyway thanks for sharing I know you can do it and please keep us updated. God bless.
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  17. AdamR

    AdamR Member

    Hey Neveragain333,

    I want to commend you for taking action on kicking and getting as far as you have. I hope other feels as inspired as I do. You should be past the worst of it, Roxys have a half-life of at most 5 hrs as reported at I agree, the restless legs are the worst. It seems that you might be metabolizing the drug more slowly that the average person. I've never read someone having the shakes that long after stopping but it doesn't seem impossibly long. I hope you only have a couple more days. If you are able to see a physician, you may want to ask for some clonidine. It can help the restless legs but at the very least its really sedating so you could sleep through the rest of it. Whatever the symptoms are, keep reminding yourself what it's like trying to keep well?

    Do keep in mind that it can take up to a year for your body to get to where it was before the abuse started. You might experience lethargy, depression, and fatigue for a few months. Talk with your Dr if any symptoms are inhibiting your normal functioning. I wish you the best. Keep us posted on your progress.