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Never Give Up

Discussion in 'Sobriety Tips and Inspiration' started by ExpertAdvice, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. ExpertAdvice

    ExpertAdvice Active Contributor

    In this journey of recovery, we often feel let ourselves...

    Whether it's the withdrawal symptoms, the feeling that you just wanna "start up" again, or the feeling that you won't be strong enough to make it through to full recovery, one thing is certain: you must not give up.

    You are too strong innately, and too resilient and brave! You are the one who has made this decision to quit, and you need to follow through with it!

    So tell me, what is it that you use to make sure that you keep going? What inspires you not to give up?

    Is it your family? Your friends? Encouragement that you received? Do you hold on to any special words that have resounded in your heart throughout your life? Do you follow some motivational steps each day?

    Let me know!

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  2. bluzkluz09

    bluzkluz09 Active Contributor

    Giving up an addiction is like a marathon not a sprint. It can't happen overnight and it's a long journey. We may have relapses that set us back but we have to get up and continue. It's like running a race and falling. We have to get up and finish the race. If we give up and everything that was difficult we won't achieve any goal. Easier said than done. I have many days when I feel like just giving in to the problems and difficulties but then I start feeling like a failure. I keep going because I want to be the best person I can be for my family. If I give up I will be disappointing them as well as myself. Family is very important to me and I use them as a source of my inspiration.
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  3. wander_n_wonder

    wander_n_wonder Active Contributor

    For me, it has always been my family. I have so many dreams for them and I know that if I'm not tough enough, there's no way I will be able to achieve all those dreams. It takes a lot of mindset conditioning to have the courage to continue, even when the challenges are getting harder and harder. However, when I look back and see all of those I have already conquered, the more that I also feel motivated to never give up.
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  4. alfonso87

    alfonso87 Member

    I have a lot of motivations but one of my biggest constant motivations is my desire for growth and self improvement. I always think of my life as a journey towards growth which can only be fully realized if I maintain my sobriety. When ever I feel down and have thoughts about using again, I just tell myself, "I've gone this far, I'm not gonna give this up over a cheap thrill". By being the best person I can be, I can do more for the people I love.
  5. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    For me, it's the thought of undoing the hard work I've put in over the last eight years that keeps me clean. I don't want to let myself down and fall back into old habits. Withdrawal was hard enough the last time around and I have no desire to go through it again.
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  6. elles-belles

    elles-belles Community Champion

    I agree with you and most of the posters, giving up is really never an option when it comes to living a clean and sober life! I definitely draw my inspiration from my family and a few close friends. I also lean on my faith as it helps me remember than I can be the very best of myself and of course the most important feed of inspiration and motivation comes from my partner and daughter. It helps having a firm support group who are very encouraging and loving.
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  7. Rainman

    Rainman Community Champion

    Addiction is very much like being enslaved to something you have no control over. Drugs become your master. As you watch your life crumble before you, still . . . you cling to drugs because you can't help it. Your body and mind are dependent on them. You feel that without drugs you can't survive. That . . .

    . . . is what inspires me to keep fighting. I need freedom. Need to be in control of my life. It's all the motivation I need to keep fighting because the alternative is . . . unpleasant.
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  8. tasha

    tasha Community Listener Community Listener

    I think that if you have had it in your mind to want to stop the addiction then you have it in you to be strong enough to quit and if you can go through the process of quiting or getting to rehab then you have the strength to survive and never give up hope that you can be normal, you can live through an addiction and there is a chance that you can be happy too!
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  9. cowboyz4life

    cowboyz4life Member

    The best thing to keep you going is yourself. It must first start with you feeling that you can change it all. The next best thing is a great support system. Family can be great inspiration and can help keep you focused.
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  10. valiantx

    valiantx Community Champion

    Addiction literally means "to deliver or give assent," meaning a human allowed their self to do whatever it is he/she believe to do. The problem isn't that addiction isn't hard, it's damn easy! The hard thing to do is not to addict one self to a drug(s). Everything worthwhile pursuing in life will not be easy, not even the lottery, so to succeed will require a strong faith, perseverance, and laser focus on your goal(s).
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  11. xTinx

    xTinx Community Champion

    Recovering from addiction is what you call a constant work in progress. You can be sober for a period of time but in the blink of an eye you can revert back to your old ways. And you must also remember to take advantage of every support given to you. It won't be there forever and there will be several occasions when you have no one else to depend on but yourself. So to stay motivated and remain sober for the rest of your life, you have to think outside the box of yourself. Think that there are people with problems too. And it's just not you.
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  12. Tournique

    Tournique Senior Contributor

    It is very easy to relapse and you must remember how far you got before snapping to your old habbits. Stay strong.
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  13. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Community Champion

    Anyone can beat and overcome addiction by urging oneself to become a better person and ultimately diminishing abusive use of substances or things like pornography. Just never give up and stay committed to moving forward.
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  14. RingoBerry

    RingoBerry Senior Contributor

    I can say that what keeps me going is the thought of being able to face the people that do love me and say it to them that I am alright, I am improving and then see in their faces that they can believe it. I strive so they won't have to worry so much about me at the same time for them to see that they can also rely on me.
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  15. Kamarsun1

    Kamarsun1 Active Contributor

    I make sure I am around positive people that motivate me in a positive way. Family in also a very important factor, and also the end results from old friends, the ones' that are present and the ones' that have passed on.
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  16. Kamarsun1

    Kamarsun1 Active Contributor

    That's true, we must stay strong and don't give in, find other outlets that yield true results, the easy route never ends easy.
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  17. stariie

    stariie Community Champion

    I want to do many things with my days, and sleeping them away, being high off of pills like I used to be, isn't one of them. Sleeping for days at a time, and not accomplishing anything can be seductive in nature if one gets caught up in it. But there are things to do, people to see, and places to go, as the saying goes. I try to stay focused on what I want to do with, and for, myself. It's hard sometimes, but you have to press on and try to make things better.
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  18. kjonesm1

    kjonesm1 Community Champion

    How absolutely inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing that. I wonderful reminder too keep going and remind ourselves to find strength in the things that really matter to us.
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  19. Jimmy Loc

    Jimmy Loc Member

    Leaving the negative influences behind for new supportive ones is the key to recovery. To remain in the turmoil of addictive suggestion is a bombardment to the mind and is difficult to some and impossible to even more to overcome. Despite intentions it is easy for addicts to relapse at which point, overcome by suggestion. Temptation will find its way to protrude one must be more prepared and stronger than that. Never giving up, with the time one has spent sober seen as a strength a record to be set that would be a waste to start over.
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  20. ExpertAdvice

    ExpertAdvice Active Contributor

    WOW! Your stories of what has inspired you all to stay strong and keep up the good fight, has in turn, inspired me, significantly!
    This in no way is meant to sound cliche'd, but have you each ever considered motivational speaking? It's not just an attempt at flattering you all, but I do believe that you have given really sound advice, and I'd like to know if you've ever encouraged someone personally, or perhaps an entire group of people?
    There's always someone who's desperately in need of your encouraging and inspiring words, someone who thinks that there's noone else in the world who could possibly be going through or have gone through what they're going through now, and I think that even a few kind words that "it's going to be okay", and pointing them towards helpful solutions as you all have put forward, would really be a good help to them.
    So, my word to you today is: find someone who you know may either be struggling with substance abuse, or is struggling with recovery, and let them know that they can do it! and tell them how!
    Thank you all so much again!
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