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New to klonopin

Discussion in 'Prescription Drugs' started by laur86, May 23, 2017.

  1. laur86

    laur86 Member

    hello i was presribed .5 twice a day on may 5th for my anxiety issues with klonopin.
    I have to take drug test for work on 5/31 and really didnt want them to know about it. If my last dose was this morning .5 do you think I can pass my u/a on 5/31 .... Or is there a way i can flush out my system?

    I am not a chronic user myself and never had really had any other issues with addiction besides smoking ciggies.

    Thank you!
  2. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    @laur86... I can't really answer your question, although I've heard that Klonopin stays in your system a pretty long time. You may want to Google it to get better info, though. My best advice would be to take your doctor's prescription with you to the drug test. If something has been prescribed to you by a doctor, and you're taking it as directed, why not be completely honest about it? That way you'd be covered in case of any surprise drug tests in the future.
  3. Maytrix

    Maytrix Member

    Hi Laur,

    1. great advice by Deanokat. I would like to add one thing . Please sit down with your doctor and see if there is another drug (antidepressant ) you could take instead of Klonopin. It is a devil drug , you can become addicted just by following your doctors instructions. Why they do not tell you this when they prescribe this drug, is beyond me.
    2. I just got off detox with Klonopin I am a recovering alcoholic who should never have been placed on this drug---for restless leg and sleep...can you believe it.
    3. My doctor never told me how addictive this drug was, just kept writing refills. Thirty years ago I had to detox from alcohol. I am 66 years old and thought those days were over.
    4. I took this as prescribed for 2 years and yes, I had been Addicted. Needless to say I wanted NO part of addiction again, but it was too late. It has taken me a month to come off this drug, and I should have tapered off this drug slower, as I went thru some pretty bad withdrawal each time I reduced the dosage.
    5. I hope You will think twice about taking this is not your friend.
    Good Luck, May Trix
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