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New Years

Discussion in 'Alcohol' started by kgord, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. kgord

    kgord Community Champion

    New Years is coming up...For those of you who have a problem of alcohol, what is your plan so you do not succumb to drinking to excess this year? Do you have things planned so you are not tempted to ring in the New Year with a buzz? I think there are plenty of alcohol free celebrations these days.
  2. irishrose

    irishrose Community Champion

    I am planning on having an alcohol-free New Year's Eve with family at home. We will watch movies, play games, and just enjoy each other's company as the New Year roles in. I plan on cooking a feast to celebrate and to share with my family. We even have sparkling juice as a special treat to do a New Year's toast with. I am looking forward to a fun, relaxing evening with loved ones.
  3. bleblanc10

    bleblanc10 Senior Contributor

    I am just planning on not going to a huge party and avoiding people that I know drink. It is a lot easier not to drink when those around you are not drinking.
  4. kgord

    kgord Community Champion

    You may want to have some sparkling water or something to carry around as a prop so no one asks you why you aren't drinking, especially those who know you used to drink. Sometimes a prop is all you need, and hanging out with the non drinkers sounds like a good strategy. It is one of the options you can use.
  5. Rainman

    Rainman Community Champion

    New year can be a tough time for recovering addicts and to avoid slipping they must prepared themselves for the worst. A great way to stay sober is by spending time with people who don't drink and have lots of non-alcoholic drinks with you. If you must hang out with people who drink, people who'll most likely offer you drinks then be prepared to say "no" numerous times and tell your friends why won't be touching any alcohol.
  6. Nate5

    Nate5 Active Contributor

    I feel like if you're not comfortable that you will stay sober during new year's eve, then it's probably a better idea to avoid those types of situations. Even though you will be missing out on quite a bit of celebration, at least you're healthy. There is nothing wrong with a quiet evening, and if you have other friends that also prefer quiet settings, then call them up for board games or movies or something :)
  7. kassie1234

    kassie1234 Community Champion

    I just don't go to parties anymore for new years, really! If I do anything, it's a small get together with friends -- and honestly, we are usually all calling it quits well before midnight anyway!

    I much prefer the fresh start feeling that I get with having a sober new year!
  8. Tsky45

    Tsky45 Community Champion

    It's all about self control. There are plenty things you can do that don't involve drinking. Some people can have one or two without getting drunk. There are people who have other ideas on how to celebrate without alcohol. You can avoid alcohol if you choose to, you just have to stick to your decision.
  9. bleblanc10

    bleblanc10 Senior Contributor

    Self control is the most important thing by far!!!
  10. Tremmie

    Tremmie Community Champion

    I did nothing special at all this new year's eve to be honest, I just stayed here at home and watched some TV, went to bed super early and that was it for me :) The holidays are not a big deal to me at all t be honest, my belief system is different, in my religion new year happens in a different date :p We have a totally different calendar... not all of us live according to the ''Gregorian calendar''.
  11. kgord

    kgord Community Champion

    Alcohol isn't a problem for me. but I had no booze for New Years Eve. I just hung out and watched TV and some Netflix I will go away today to see some family members.
  12. 6up

    6up Community Champion

    I have seen most drunk people as from yesterday. I don't know why most people over drink during end year celebrations. Maybe that is when they have time to spend with their friends. Those who drink should be careful not to drink and drive. They should also remember to eat before going to drink.
  13. djolem

    djolem Senior Contributor

    I just drank one litre ow good white wine. I spend my night comforting my dog because my crazy neighbours had used to many firecrackers and fireworks. I feel better than month ago but whenever I think of my cause I feel like drinking and one litre of wine is nothing really. I try to work on my self control. I do not like to drink too much and ! litre is just enough for me.
  14. djolem

    djolem Senior Contributor

    I just pace myself with few drinks, usually it is wine and usually it is 1 litre bottle. It does nothing to me and anyway I spent my new years eve with my dog :). I do not really look at these dates as something important. It is another of our inventions we made to make our schedules and life harder than it is. It is rather pointless and not good enough reason to start drinking heavily again.
  15. Jasmine2015

    Jasmine2015 Community Champion

    I was up all night hearing the fire works go off. Though I couldn't see any I could hear it. I'm glad some of you have had plans on new years and how to handle the alcohol flowing about in some parties. Let's start this new year on a good foot!
  16. serenity

    serenity Community Champion

    I don't drink so I'm safe in that regard, but for those recovering alcoholics then it must be a tough time resisting the temptation to drink. I say they should just avoid parties that they know will have alcohol so that they won't be tempted to drink.
  17. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Community Champion

    I have survived New Year's eve without drinking any kind of alcohol. I agree, it's all about having self-control, and knowing your limitations. :)
  18. FuZyOn

    FuZyOn Community Champion

    I've been spending alcohol/drug-free New Year's parties for the past couple of years, so I had an awesome time at the end of 2015! I have a circle of friends who don't drink, smoke or do drugs so they're really fun to hang around with! 2016 is probably going to be the same!
  19. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    Nice to know that folks here were able to enjoy the new year's without alcohol or being drunk. :)
    We also had an alcohol free celebration here and we just enjoy the foods we prepared and watched some fireworks outside.
  20. henry

    henry Community Champion

    Well, what I did was, I left the party early. There was a whole lot of drinking going on, but I didn't have a drop. I went home and had a few drinks by myself. I really don't have a problem with drinking anymore. what I do have, is a problem drinking in public. I always make a scene.