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Nicotine withdrawal - Quitting snus

Discussion in 'Withdrawal Symptoms' started by juoppi, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. juoppi

    juoppi Member

    I've been using snus for 5 year now. There have been some periods in which I didn't use it. The longest was about 2 months I think but when I take just one after a long period of not doing it I remember the reason why I took it up in the first place. So it's just an endless circle.

    The point of that little introduction was just to say that I've gone through nicotine withdrawal many times. But the problem is that I still can't really handle it. In the last few months I've tried to quit many times but I haven't kept my hands away from it longer than two days. I get very angry when I'm in withdrawal and I basically lash out at everyone who doesn't act the way I want them to. Now that I'm living together with my partner I can't be like that. I turn back to snus just for her sake. I don't want to hurt her.

    If anyone has been in a similar scenario then I would certainly appreciate some tips.
  2. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    @juoppi... I've never used snus, but I did quit smoking cigarettes 25+ years ago. So I know a little bit about nicotine withdrawal. When I quit, I quit cold turkey. It was the only way I could do it. But that method doesn't work for everybody. If your nicotine withdrawal is that bad, have you considered trying nicotine gum or nicotine patches? I know they've helped a lot of people I know with the withdrawals. Just a thought. I wish you the best of luck in kicking the habit.
  3. juoppi

    juoppi Member

    Thanks for the reply.

    I have never used them and it's because a friends of mine who also tried quitting said that they don't really work. Snus has a very high amount of nicotine in it, atleast the one that he and I have been using. That makes the body build up quite a tolerance against it and the patches and gums he tried didn't do the trick. But it could just be the mental aspect of it that you're used to having a little pillow behind your lip.

    Anyway I think I should atleast try them and make that first step towards getting rid of that addiction. I'm sure there are some stronger ones out there too that could work.
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  4. Mara

    Mara Community Champion

    Hi @juoppi.

    I am not familiar with snus but I was a chain smoker back then. When I quit smoking cigarettes, I also quit cold turkey. And yeah, the withdrawal symptoms were really bad. It took me three tries to finally quit. But like @deanokat said, going cold turkey is not for everyone. Perhaps what you could do is wean off the cigarettes slowly so that your body can adjust to the change.

    I hope this helps.
  5. Donnchadh

    Donnchadh Active Contributor

    Oh it's not easy giving up the cigarettes I'm currently in the process this is my final drug and I have to admit it's pretty tough. I'm like a bear with a grudge sometimes the cravings are the worst part even with the patches. But I also decided to seek professional help from the smoking cessation clinic i don't know if there available in your country but if they are join up. The support advice and encouragement provided is priceless. I've tried to quit alone but failed miserably. But with someone else fighting my corner it's not so bad. All the best and I hope you manage to quit your not alone in this battle.thousands quit every year you can be one of them
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