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OMG: The Restless Legs

Discussion in 'Withdrawal Symptoms' started by alm0493, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. CasinoBill

    CasinoBill Member

    Eat some bananas. Seriously.

    Taking a Potasium supplement (the beneficial mineral found in bananas) will help with the symptoms as well.

    RLS is also a common condition for diabetics as well as those going through opiate withdrawals. I feel I can speak with some authority on this, as I qualify in both categories, being both diabetic and having recently (8 days ago) gone through withdrawals myself (6 year norco addiction thanks to my "pain management" treatment program)

    The "Restless Leg" feeling, as I understand it, is an overstimulation of the nerves in the legs. The nerve endings that have been "bulldozed over" by the opiates for so long are "waking up" and overreacting. That's why your whole body aches, and weird sensations like, for example, feeling every hair follicle "vibrate" when running your fingers through your hair.

    Just like the "itchiness", "twitchiness", and other feelings of anxiety felt during withdrawal, the sensation is very uncomfortable, but harmless (provided, of course, that there is no other overriding medical condition involved).

    The good news? Its perfectly normal to experience this, and it is NOT HARMING you. And, it will pass.

    Now... try this.

    Close Your Eyes...
    Take A Deep Breath...
    Count To "Five"...
    Exhale Slowly...


    Hope this helps. Best wishes on your recovery.

    And remember...
    In 1-2 weeks all your symptoms will be gone and you will be feeling "back to normal".

    Opiate toxicity remains in your system for MANY MONTHS after you "withdraw" from the opiate.
    You FEEL NORMAL, but YOU ARE STILL ADDICTED during that time !!!

    You've come this far ! Don't let all of this discomfort be for naught !!

    STAY CLEAN !! You can do it !!!

    Good Luck, Best Wishes, and One Love to One and All,

    Casino Bill