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Online pharmacies causing addiction?

Discussion in 'Prescription Drugs' started by danjon, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. SashaS

    SashaS Community Champion

    In my opinion, it's not a good thing and there should definitely be more regulation. For all they know they could be killing their customers. You should have to provide some sort of documentation to prove that you are in actual need of the drug for a legitimate reason. I know there will always be illegal pharmacies selling counterfeit drugs but that's up to government and the law to regulate. At the end of the day, most people will still find their way through the system. But that shouldn't discourage us from trying to help. Law abiding pharmacies should also keep records of who is buying more than they should and stop them from buying more until they reach a point where the customer actually needs that drug again. A lack of regulation with regards to the latter mentioned is the result of pharmacies being like most other businesses, they'll do anything to get profit.
  2. Cheeky_Chick

    Cheeky_Chick Community Champion

    I would never want to buy any kind of medication from an unregulated source, because the fact of the matter is that you simply don't know what's in it, or where it has come from. So you always have to be careful. I would only ever want to take what has been prescribed to me by my GP, as I know that this is the safest way to go about it, and this therefore means that it has the best chance of working in the way that it is meant to.
  3. explorerx7

    explorerx7 Senior Contributor

    An online pharmacy would probably be operating outside of the prescribed rules therefore, you should be very careful in the buying from these sources, they could be selling you counterfeit drugs which could prove harmful to you, Frankly, I wouldn't buy drugs from them because I fear I could be getting that I could be scammed by them.
  4. Jack Wallace

    Jack Wallace Senior Contributor

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