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Opioid Addiction

Discussion in 'Prescription Drugs' started by ManniePnc, May 11, 2020.

  1. ManniePnc

    ManniePnc Member

    Warning: This Drug May Kill You (2017) by broadcast journalist Perri Peltz is a harrowing look at opioid addiction in the US. Before the coronavirus, America was plagued by a different epidemic. And while a vaccine for Covid-19 will hopefully be developed in the near future, more than 2 million Americans are addicted to opioids with seemingly no hope in sight.

    Veteran director Norman Stone joins Factual America to discuss the film, the opioid epidemic in America, and his own work looking into the topic. Norman’s latest film, The Final Fix (2020) offers a glimmer of hope to the addicted, if only the government would listen.

    Norman’s The Final Fix shows that there might be a relatively simple cure to opioid addiction – Neuroelectric Therapy (NET). But the authorities refuse to give NET a clinical trial.
  2. Rohan01

    Rohan01 Member

    Back in 2012, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimated that in the US, around 16.7 million people of 12+ years of age had abused prescription drugs, with around 2.1 million of them showing signs of drug abuse disorders. Clearly, the statistics demonstrate how widespread the problem of prescription drug abuse can get. Even in India, as per a study by the United Nations, the problem is steadily growing.
    Typically, such drugs fall into three broad categories i.e opioids, depressants, and stimulants. To know more, click here!