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Pints per minute

Discussion in 'Alcohol' started by remnant, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. remnant

    remnant Community Champion

    Some people are binge drinkers. They drink huge quantities of alcohol over short periods of time and become inebriated. This restricts further alcohol intake. Others take small quantities over long periods of time and you are likely to find them at the pub past midnight. I usually wonder, between the two, who is worse off?
  2. Tsky45

    Tsky45 Community Champion

    I think both habits are unhealthy. The worst one is someone who drinks a lot in a short period of time. Still drinking too much alcohol dehydrates you and can have bad effects on your health. But of course someone getting drunk really fast can be dangerous over all.
  3. gracer

    gracer Community Champion

    I also think that both equally have dangerous effects in them. Alcohol intake no matter how fast, how slow or how much will still have the same end effect of getting a person drunk or trapped under its influence. I guess the point here is no matter how we take in alcohol, we should be aware that it is a substance that's not only addicting but also potentially very dangerous to health.
  4. djdrug

    djdrug Community Champion

    I think Binge drinking is the worst. Mainly because if you're going to drink, you might as well make it a social activity. It is a social activity. But, a binge drinker simply knocks himself out of any great conversations and may even dampen the mood of other people who are just there to enjoy some time with friends.
  5. darkrebelchild

    darkrebelchild Community Champion

    When a person isolates himself to drink, he tends to drink above limit. Even though the two groups of people mentioned above are still being addicted to alcohol.

    It is more advisable to be an occasional disciplined drinker than a constant addicted one who seeps alcohol like water.
  6. rz3300@

    rz3300@ Senior Contributor

    Well if you are someone who drinks a lot when they drink, but do not drink all the time I bet that is better than someone who drink all of the time. In my experience I had to drink, and it got to the point where it was physical and I knew it. That meant that I was addicted, whereas if you can not drink at least you can physically function without alcohol.
  7. SashaS

    SashaS Community Champion

    Well both are obviously unhealthy. I think that you're worse of drinking large quantities at a time as it's bad for all parts of your body and you could potentially drown if you're drunk, as absurd as it sounds, I've heard of a few cases of such things happening. You're not socializing at the same time whereas if you're just drinking a little bit at a time, you're still talking to people and interacting with everyone else. You also take more time to become drunk, I'd assume.