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Please help me I need to get of these oxicodine

Discussion in 'Opiate Withdrawal Treatment' started by Babylee84, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. Babylee84

    Babylee84 Member

    Hi my names Leanne , on September 16th 2018 I was stabbed in the heart liver and lungs I died for 2 mins but bought back was only a2-7% of survival! I’m suffering from severe depression anxiety and ptsd I’m on 10 mg of slow release oxy and 10 mg of fast realese I’m also on a lot of other meds but I’ve been on these 3 years and I think there making my anxiety worse I just want to get of them ASAP ! Can any one give me advice on how to get of them , may tapering I’m not sure I tried ones and could cope with anxiety I really don’t like my doctor and want to try to do this my self ... pleas and info wil really help me I’m begging any pleaseee
  2. ohoward1987

    ohoward1987 Member

    I hope you are alright now! It has been a lot of traumata in your life, and it’s extremely hard to get rid of it.
    I would really recommend you get some help from a therapist. Maybe some medications will be able to make the symptoms less acute and make you feel better for at least some time. There are also other ways to cope with a trauma like this, and I suggest you get an emotional support animal. I don’t know whether you like animals, but having something that needs and loves you can really help in your life. Emotional support animals and especially dogs, are very compassionate and loving.