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Please read.Its real and sincere

Discussion in 'Share Your Story Here' started by True concern, Mar 27, 2020.

  1. True concern

    True concern Moderator

    When I first came to this site I knew of ONE enemy to US ALL that had zero prejudice!As I sit here typing this out I am now aware of TWO enemies to US ALL that have zero prejudice. Drug's was the first enemy to US ALL that I was able to see and understand as it kills US ALL either through loss of the lives we live or loss of the life's of those we hold dear to our heart's for various reasons..each personal to the individual, each just as important as the next individual.. whether we understood the reason for that personal connection or not was and is irrelevant.. what was and is important is that we TOGETHER recognized it when we saw it.Today and for some time now enemy number TWO has been trying to attack US ALL...Again without prejudice.Globally ALL of us are under attack.Nationality is irrelevant, religious belief is irrelevant, race is irrelevant, gender is irrelevant...whether you wear blue uniforms and have a badge on your chest or you wear blue as colors you will live and die for...whether you are on a team in a bright red truck putting out fires or you wear red as your colors you would live and die for...Whether your white and don't like people of color or whether you are a person of color and don't like whites....whether your brown,white,pink,black,orange,yellow.. whether you drive a car that say's "To Protect and Serve"Or you drive the car they are chasing...its all irrelevant. I am putting out a call to all walks of life!Please use your heart in these difficult times as an enemy has put each of us on it's hit list,show compassion and understanding for the other side ,step outside of your comfort zone,feel compassion for those you may despise because this new enemy...Well this new enemy despises US ALL.We can win,we can overcome,we can learn,and we can grow as a species,as human's with hurt in our heart's and hate in our veins we can climb up out of this darkness,we can defeat this enemy,and as it taps out,once we reach that point we may learn to love and forgive one another,we may learn that there is something more important than feeling powerful behind a badge,or untouchable behind the colors we fly,we may discover a purpose ingrained in our DNA that we never knew was there...There is a Chance for US to come together and help one another without wondering what our cut is,without wondering what our bonus may be for exceeding quota.We have a chance to prove to ourselves we are actually more valuable than all the money in the world if we can just listen to our heart's and block the noise coming from politicians.


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  2. Onceaddicted77

    Onceaddicted77 Spam fighting Moderator & Realist Community Listener

    Love it. I still admire you ability to speak from the heart. You are blessed in so many ways brother. Much love
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  3. True concern

    True concern Moderator

    Thank you sir it truly means alot to hear responses like yours,I have never been in this just for me(though it was a factor)I messed up alot of things in my 20's and a bit into my 30's and I finally realized I didn't hate the way my words suggested so I started to curve my words and speak from the heart..often leaving myself vulnerable, however I weighed my options and always cane up with the same feeling (Its worth the criticism I receive at time's as long as I was being honest and sincere)I have heard other's laugh at me because of the way I type,because I care and anymore I just keep those people in my prayers as I was once a very negative person myself and I know time heals wounds and changes heart's.
    Stay Strong and God Bless you My Brother.
  4. Davers

    Davers Community Champion

    I love it.'
    Maybe the Lord sent me here this AM , as I first searched' how long does Prozac withdraw last ' as OH . I still take 20 mg at night ( mostly cause my Crazy Dr will check for it in my system & i'm afraid they will take / lower my Xanax if it's not present ) anyway I been on it for ill say 10+ years at diff, doses & a strait 60 mg a day for 8 years I do know , the last time I took 60 was March 16 the night before I puked & was down in bed for 2 days ; it;s been 20 mg since March 19.

    For around 2 weeks I been more bitchy with a shorter fuse (I've always bitched but ?) Man! the last week has been worse , I'm finding myself bitching at the TV 'mocking commercials & other content , I have not done this in years or at-least out-loud. I been harder on the wife & when I y'ell at my best friends 'My Cat's' I know I'm bad.:(

    It could be being all coupe-d up but heck I been stuck in the house since Oct , 'I can in my best relocation say I've driven away from home some 15 times since that date ' & only 4 since March 6th ' so I'm pretty used to staying home at-this point so I don't mind the forced "stay at home order" it's not that strict here in my County tho.

    I find myself praying for forgiveness & asking the Family for it as well but I just Bitch the same the next day .
    I don't like the person I am lately tho I really like to try to relate to others & push encouragement on people who are hurting or have lost loved ones on this site & others but I'm my own worst enemy , YES i'm more depressed than usual but I should not be mean /bitchy & like I kinda said (I'm hardest on my self).
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  5. Davers

    Davers Community Champion

    Enough about me , I truly hope we as a Nation & World can change & us in America can come closer & be as the Lord wants , I assume y'all recall 9-11 I wont do the math on everyone in this post but I was 30 y/o at that time & as I stated before (likely here) I was in Jail since I totaled our car on I -75 in downtown Atlanta on the previous Saturday 9-11 was on a Tuesday morn FWIW. I saw the 2ed plane hit then was call " David " Get yr Ship yr being bonded out.

    I was up on the 8th floor with the real insane or shot-out people cause when I came in I told them I wanted to Kill myself , by Sunday I realized just how bad off people can be & that I was not that crazy 'Yet' o_O
    Plus I love my all Red attire , just like the Killers :eek:

    As I was sulking in my bunk , I could hear the TV & could tell something was up , so I went into the day room & saw the 2 ed plane hit live & to my point (sorry for my details it's part of my OCD) That's when I noticed up in the pod & could feel a difference as a few other 'Lucid' inmates myself , The 2 APD officers watching over the pod + other officers were coming in & out to see the TV , Our group was not like it was the night before ( US vs Them) even the way officers talked to me & the others was different , it was like we all were equal , I shortly was call down for bond (if no hold) I even recall that the officer in the elevator was like an old bud.

    Got down to intake / out-take & It was basically the same down there , Officers were cool (they had to handle business with a few as usual) but tho I had to stay seated they were all watching the TV with the other people in the large room There was no fighting the Noise was pretty low & again the officers were being very nice :cool:

    I really did not speak with anyone ( Could Have been my Red attire ) but the feeling was a good one for a Jail Intake .
    I must add , I recall quite a few were so out of it they were oblivious to what was going on , ie, the mentally ill , street folk, & maybe those who were still drunk or pilled up .

    It was 'US' as I said before not us vs them , ill never forget that 'Together feeling' , I wanna add , another memory I had , I had to stop by the house to change clothes & grab the 2 football I had there as I was shaking like a leaf .
    At the bigger intersection before my hood there was a guy waving a big American Flag & all the cars passing were honking , It was a good feeling .

    That 'together ' feeling (in my recollection) lasted a month or more just like Church attendance was way up after 9-11 before things slowly went back to the way they were . Back to the Trevon Martin shooting , & the divide between the races , War's etc.

    I do have faith in people & myself but it aint much , I hate to think that way but "Man will always be Man" Ie SIN!!!

    I Pray I'm wrong , but I'm just thinking what it might have been after WW 2 , WW 1, , I can imagine it was a good time . :)

    History tells us how people evolved after these horrible War's
    IDK what the future holds for us but again 'Time will tell".
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  6. Davers

    Davers Community Champion

    Hey wanna add , I don't mind yr typing style as I've seen people complain & be mean to others who typed that way & thought they were being prick-ish . This was mostly on my Gun Web site but also on the Other 1 as well.

    Funny also , I hit yr post not long after waking & my eyes were blurry + I need reading glasses esp after the past 2 years. It took a second to get my bearings but I had no issue reading yr post .

    I started typing in late 2012 & would use all cap's until the wife asked "why are you yelling at people " ? I did not even know , Dang I did not know the meaning of the word 'Meme' until last Spring.:D
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  7. Davers

    Davers Community Champion

    It took me 50 min + or- to type post # 5 . Think Ill have a Coke Cola & a Smile .:cool:
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  8. True concern

    True concern Moderator

    I use to do the same thing all caps lol until my wife said the same as yours..hilarious I also didn't know what meme meant I thought it was new slang for me-me lol
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  9. Davers

    Davers Community Champion

    That's crazy , we are lost in time. lol
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  10. True concern

    True concern Moderator

  11. True concern

    True concern Moderator

    I wasn't awake at 3am yesterday...I have no clue how this or what this "Dont"means
  12. True concern

    True concern Moderator

    I am not saying I was hacked however I am saying WHAT???