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Powerful technique

Discussion in 'General Substance Abuse Discussion' started by bretthuda33, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. bretthuda33

    bretthuda33 Active Contributor

    Back in the day, an important speaker on eastern philosophy made his way into the west to interpret these concepts. I can personally tell you from experience that listening to this man will change your life. It could be termed as a type of hypnotization or de-hypnotization as he would would put. I've never heard someone speak with so much clarity and pleasure. His name is Alan Watts and he has many lectures on YouTube and his books are phenomenal.
  2. hunkydoire

    hunkydoire Member

    Do you have any particular videos that you would recommend for someone new to his material?
  3. bretthuda33

    bretthuda33 Active Contributor

    - This is the first thing I came by when finding him. He has a book also, called The Book and it transcends any kind of writing. Describing the in-describable.
  4. Tsky45

    Tsky45 Community Champion

    Thanks for sharing this information. There's a lot of eastern philosophy that is useful when it comes to dealing with difficult situations. Is this about new age religion or just philosophy? I do agree that our real selves go far beyond this physical world.
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  5. FuZyOn

    FuZyOn Community Champion

    Wow, thank you so much for sharing! I just watched a couple of his videos and this man definitely knows what he's talking about! I was aware of most of these concepts and he reinforced them into my brain. Refreshing to watch!
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  6. Coolkidhere

    Coolkidhere Community Champion

    I just watched that video "The Real You." I loved how he compared us to the ocean, how if one wave starts moving, it affects the whole ocean. That's a different way of describing our lives as humans. It certainly tells us just how connected we all are. We are not just in the universe, we're a part of it.

    Thank you for sharing this one! I'm sure to check out his other videos. And I'm sure lots of people will benefit from his lectures as well.
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  7. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    If you're into this kind of thing then you'll probably also love a lot of the material and the writers from the New Thought and Transcendant movements and Theosophy. Helena Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society and is often referred to as the mother of the New Age. There were some amazing writers from this age including Ralph Waldo Emerson, Arthur Schopenheur, Helena Blavatsky and more. They also relate to some fascinating and intriguing topics like Mesmerism (animal magnetism) which is where hypnosis originated, spirituality and the true nature of the human mind. The concepts of a higher conscious comes from these philosophies as do many common beliefs such as "healthy mind, healthy body". I've been studying this material extensively and it's changed my life. Very powerful stuff indeed.
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  8. bretthuda33

    bretthuda33 Active Contributor

    One of the issues we may get into is believing that we NEED a new idea about life or that new ideas are better ones. He is simply pointing out that, what do you want to do? I have found this such a relief to know we are not pushed around by a big boss but we are what started the whole thing which makes us original no matter what! Ill definitely be looking into some of Helena's works as I've heard of her before and she caught my eye.
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  9. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Community Champion

    I think I have already heard of Alan Watts before. I am not really sure where but I believe it's in the field of philosophy as well. Anyway, thanks for sharing. I would try to check his videos out one of these days.
  10. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    Actually, when I first saw this thread I thought you meant Alan Wattles who was also a writer from this era. He wrote the book, The Science of Getting Rich. Another related writer from that era was Napoleon Hill who wrote the books, Think And Grow Rich and The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons. Obviously, they focused on certain principles from the New Thought movement which can be used to change your life and this is pretty much where the Law of Attraction (The Secret) and the Master Key principle (The Secret Carnegie Formula) originate. Blavatsky and Schopenheur, on the other hand, were more philosophical and focused more on esoteric principles.
  11. bretthuda33

    bretthuda33 Active Contributor

    Watts never believed in giving people hope or trying to sell any ideas. If anything he tried to rip your belief systems out from under your feet in a controlled way. The art of the guru is not to make logical semantics work, it is to have a common sense theory of the world yourself and share it in the intention of waking someone up, by accident of course! The art of controlled accident.
  12. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    "The art of controlled accident" - love it! Kind of reminds of Milton Erickson and how he used language and metaphor for theraputic change and yet he did it subconsciously. He wasn't quite sure how he did it. I have checked out Watts and realized that I have seen some of it before. As I understand it, everything is just a belief system. In 2007, I used dehypnosis (without being hypnotized in the first place) to strip away many of those beliefs. My life and mind have changed significantly for the better and have discovered the fundamental principle behind the true nature of reality is indeed a very simple concept to understand once all those belief systems have been stripped away.
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  13. rz3300@

    rz3300@ Senior Contributor

    Well I am not typically into the whole hypnosis thing or stuff like that, but I have to say that if it can help some people overcome their issues than I am all for it. I might take a look just out of curiosity, and it certainly is a fascinating subject, but I might not buy anymore into it than that. Thanks for the share though.
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  14. bretthuda33

    bretthuda33 Active Contributor

    I heard something powerful a while back, probably the most ingenuitive statement of the century. I say that because mostly, words can only be used as a tool for communication and not for changing people. "A belief is only a thought I keep thinking." We are very familiar with the revolutions of the mind and it is what creates our belief system. Simply stop believing your thoughts, look at them as you would clouds that drift by.
  15. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about hypnosis and I think that's largely due to stage hypnosis, which is a load of bullsh*t! That's not real hypnosis. In actual fact, every single one of us is being hypnotized and giving ourselves hypnotic suggestions every single day, we just don't realize it. It's actually a completely natural function of the mind that we're always using anyway. It has nothing to do with gaining control over a person or having any kind of influence over them. That's probably the biggest myth about hypnosis. Without it none of us would be able to function properly, we would never learn anything and neither would we be able to dream.
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  16. bretthuda33

    bretthuda33 Active Contributor

    Exactly just like any myth. You can see it as some fairy tale that will never happen or it can be a powerful image of the world. As in the case of hypnosis, it can be a muddy, unclear motivation or it can be the legend of you traversing through a dream state. It seems to be very important in this world that we have been hypnotized whether you believe it or not. Just like gravity, you don't have to believe in it, but if you don't know how it works your going to get some heavy stuff dropped on you real quick.
  17. serenity

    serenity Community Champion

    Thanks for sharing, I'm still in the process of watching the video, but what he says seem inspiring and motivational. I will watch it later.