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Prevention is the best medicine

Discussion in 'Helping an Addicted Child' started by Gelsemium, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. AFKATafcar

    AFKATafcar Community Champion

    Parents have to walk the line between fostering a supportive environment and not putting too much pressure on their children. When a parent tells their child to stay away from something, a teen will by nature go against those recommendations. In some cases, a parent that gives their child a decent leash while showing a little trust is doing the best thing possible.

    My dad always let me do whatever I wanted, as long as I kept strong grades in school, and the extra freedom actually made me want to try "bad things" less than most kids.
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  2. cameronpalte

    cameronpalte Active Contributor

    I agree prevention is by far the best medicine - I think part of the current problem is no one explains these things to kids and as a result when someone offers it to them they are curious and unknowledgeable about the risks, which results in them wanting to try it.
  3. Determined2014

    Determined2014 Senior Contributor

    Yes, Gelsium is right prevention is better than cure, parents have to set the standards and the goals, we have to start monitoring out children and their sorrounding as soon as they are born and parents have tobe the ones to set an example,
  4. Gelsemium

    Gelsemium Community Champion

    That is the question really, we as parents should worry enough to give proper guidance, but many times we are just too busy for what's suppose to be more important.
  5. btatro

    btatro Member

    Values are so huge and so hugely lacking in some of today's kids. I also think it is important to start taking to your kids early. Probably earlier than you would expect.
  6. Allen24

    Allen24 Active Contributor

    I agree that prevention is a great step. Kids will experiment but that is natural. Talk to them about the dangerous effects of drugs and peer pressure. Keep the lines of communication open. I think more often than not, kids these days are aware of the unhealthy consequences of drugs.
  7. Abolarinde

    Abolarinde Member

    You are all right. Prevention is the best method to stay away from addiction. I have once been addicted to something which makes me look like a crap after everything. I tried hard to stop it but it did not leave me. I am in a rehabilitation process now.
  8. Lanny

    Lanny Member

    That's true! In today's society parents need to pay more attention to their kids. A child always depend on his or her partner to be their guidance. If a parent is absent in a child's life it can negatively affect them. A child who feels unloved tend to seek comfort from the wrong company, which leads him or her down the wrong road.
  9. xTinx

    xTinx Community Champion

    You're right and I agree. There's this saying "better burn it now, than curse it then." Why wait for substance abuse to happen when you can prevent it early on? Instilling deep values as well as making sure your kids are always active in sports and other extra-curricular activities, you successfully ward off potentially harmful influences by giving them something to focus their energies on.
  10. SamClemensMT

    SamClemensMT Member

    Parenting is the scariest thing you'll ever do in life. What you need to know is that the years between 11 an 18 are the critical period. That's seven years where bad luck might catch up with you. Be diligent in that time frame. Be involved with your kids. Be mindful of what you do and say in their presence. We set their standards. With the first sign of trouble take action to nip it in the bud.
  11. Gelsemium

    Gelsemium Community Champion

    Yeah, I can agree with that, mine are not that old just yet, but I've always heard that it gets worse as soon as they age. I also recall what happened to me, and my 15-16 years old were the worse ones.
  12. tasha

    tasha Community Listener Community Listener

    Children need to know right from wrong, they need discipline and a good foundation for them to understand life rules.
    Love is important too and if yuo give your children love and attention, growing up in a good home with a solid family moral code, will be enough for them to move forward in life.
    Peer pressure and television make it difficult for kids today to stay on the right path but it is up to the parents to teach their kids when to say no and how to avoid peer pressure.
  13. SamClemensMT

    SamClemensMT Member

    I always say, be prepared to nip it in the bud. At the first sign of a situation getting out of hand, you have to act. These situation cascade so quickly that they can easily burst out of control overnight it seems.
  14. LifeOrDeath

    LifeOrDeath Member

    Parents should pay more attention to their kids' personal lives. I know that teens would hate it if they heard this advice but I feel like it helps a lot. Create a more closer and trusting bond between your kids and yourself. Always talk to them every day and just show that you care.
  15. Gelsemium

    Gelsemium Community Champion

    Yep, they need to know right from wrong, but have we as parents discussed drugs with them? That's the issue here, we need to discuss these topics with them under the risk of they discovering them on their own if we don't.
  16. tasha

    tasha Community Listener Community Listener

    It is important to discuss all these issues with kids; alcohol, drugs, sex it is important that they understand the dangers and also important to instill them with responsible behavioural traits so that when they are in a situation they will be able to do the right thing.
  17. wowtgp

    wowtgp Member

    The only way is to give them proper love so that they don't need to do these drugs. Raising awareness among them also helps with this situation. Being strict with them is only going to get things worse. It's not going to get any better.
  18. Nick W.

    Nick W. Community Listener Community Listener

    I think it's important to have "the talk" about drugs more than once. Kids mature, they grow, their personalities change too, and it's important to make sure that you're not having a "one and done" conversation. This should be a dialog between parents and children.
  19. Gelsemium

    Gelsemium Community Champion

    Yep, I agree with that Nick. Kids need to be aware of reality and like I said before, it's better that they know it from the parents rather than from friends.
  20. stariie

    stariie Community Champion

    I definitely think that prevention is the best medicine that there is. If one never starts doing a drug, then they don't know what it's like and they don't have a "taste" for it. Every child is different, every teen, so it's best to find what motivates that particular child.

    One child may like sports and be able to throw their energy into that, another child may find sports and that type of competition so stressful that it could actually make them feel like they want to use something to cope with the pressure. One size does not fit all.
    That being said, individualized plans are key, staying away from drugs in the first place is paramount.
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