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Push through

Discussion in 'Share Your Story Here' started by LaurenChaste, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. LaurenChaste

    LaurenChaste Member

    I have had friends that were on various drugs, I did not realize how bad it was until a dear friend of mines died this past year. I've never lost a friend before, so it hurt really bad. I was and still am very devastated over his passing. His death was a wake up call to me: Was this the life I wanted to live myself? Even though I was not a drug user myself, I surrounded myself with people that did and that was not the kind of influence I needed to be around. I pray that people who do have a problem can truly find help before it is too late. Push through, you're stronger than what you make yourself out to be.
  2. Charles P.

    Charles P. Community Advocate

    I am sorry for your loss. Are you still in the lives of anyone that uses?
    Charles P.
  3. LaurenChaste

    LaurenChaste Member

    Thank you, I appreciate it.

    I am somewhat friends with some of them, but I would like to think of myself as more of an acquaintance to them rather then friends.
  4. Davienna

    Davienna Community Champion

    I am sorry for your loss my dear, now this is a wake up call to those who were neglectful. If you surround yourself with negativity, chances are that you will falter at one point or another , therefore the best thing for you to do is to stay away from anything of such. Seem you were very strong though, being that you were around those persons but you did not get caught up in the wrong things.
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  5. kima

    kima Member

    Unfortunately, when too busy dealing with our own lives, we often do not realize what is truly happening in the "background" until it is too late. It seems like you are separating yourself from those that do use, and that is a smart idea. Like Davienna said, stay away from the negativity. Thanks for sharing this. I understand how hard it can be to have friends that use drugs.
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  6. Nate5

    Nate5 Active Contributor

    Hey Lauren. Thanks for sharing your story, and I'm terribly sorry for your loss. I'm also really glad that you've gone back on the right path, and have become healthy again. I'm sure that many of your friends and family are thankful that of that as well. I'm also really glad you've chosen to speak out and motivate others to get better as well. Good for you!
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  7. Gelsemium

    Gelsemium Community Champion

    Indeed, I do know what is like to lose someone to the addiction and we need to be strong to overcome it, but at the same time it's also an incentive to change our ways...
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  8. Rainman

    Rainman Community Champion

    Unfortunate though it is, sometimes drug abuse can lead to people dying . . . young. It could be the drugs themselves a DUI accident, etc. Painful it is [the loss that is], but at least you learned something from it and chose to distance yourself from friends who would otherwise be a bad influence. It takes courage to do that and I 'commend' you for making that hard choice.

    I wish you the best.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2014
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  9. LaurenChaste

    LaurenChaste Member

    I am so glad you feel that way, because I felt very weak at the time and sometimes still do. I'm 18 and I just imagine my life to go so much further than what the people around me are doing with theirs, not to put them down. I love them, I really do. They were so fun to be around and they looked out for me, made me feel like they really were good friends. Honestly, may be they were good friends. I just could not bring myself to see another friend die. I really appreciate you reaching out to me, though. It's nice to get feed back. Thank you so much
  10. LaurenChaste

    LaurenChaste Member

    Thank you.
    It was hard to slowly separate myself, because they were my main friends. Like, the only people that I hung out with for so long. I just need that change, though. I have so many different things I need to accomplish in my own life. I do love them all individually, though. Behind the drug use and how they appear on the outside, they were each special in their own way to me. Thank you for your encouragement and reaching out to me, I really appreciate it.
  11. LaurenChaste

    LaurenChaste Member

    Thank you so much, I did not think I would get this much feedback. It feels really good. Thank you all !
  12. LaurenChaste

    LaurenChaste Member

    Thank you so much.
    I hope I can be of encouragement to someone else!
  13. Charles P.

    Charles P. Community Advocate

    Lauren, you can help so many more people than you could ever imagine. Maybe you can share this website with those friends that are still struggling with addiction, so they can see what you are doing, and hopefully they can find help here at our website.

    Charles P.
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  14. Davienna

    Davienna Community Champion

    That's what we are here for my dear, a great community of support and love. Joining hands and heart to reach and teach each other. God be with you always.
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  15. Charli

    Charli Community Champion

    Sorry to hear about your loss. I'd like to ask what your friend did that lead to his or her demise is you don't mind telling. Anyway, fortunately you are still young so it shouldn't be very hard to find a new circle of friends that might be more suited for you. And of course also having already seen this type of occurrence will help you not to commit the same mistakes.
  16. notodrugs

    notodrugs Community Listener Community Listener

    Sorry about that LaurenChaste. I hope your realization will just help you make others become aware of how precious life is and that we should not mess with it by getting into anything that can harm us. That way, maybe you can make sense of what happened to your friend.

    But you are already helping by praying for people who have addiction problems. If you can speak out about your friend's experience with others especially those around you, that will be great. But don't even think you're a failure if they won't change as ultimately, it's the person's choice to stop it.

    All the best to you!
  17. LaurenChaste

    LaurenChaste Member

    I am so happy to have joined, because I really was just trying to put out a message for someone else and in return received one for myself. So I really do thank you all for that.

    God bless you.
  18. LaurenChaste

    LaurenChaste Member

    I think I will.
    Why would I share encouragement with strangers when I know people that need the same encouragement themselves? That is great advice. I definitely will. They probably feel they don't need it, but I can assure you they do. I won't push it, but at least I gave them an option.
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  19. LaurenChaste

    LaurenChaste Member

    He overdosed on Heroin.
    Fortunately, yes I am young. I honestly, just want to start fresh in a whole new atmosphere. It's not hard now, to not talk to the same old friends. It's just tiring to be in the same place. I just want to be somewhere else. I'm looking at my long term goals now, and seeing what I can do to get there.
    Thank you.
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  20. LaurenChaste

    LaurenChaste Member

    Is there more I can do on this website to be of help?