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Recognizing self-destructive behaviour

Discussion in 'Alcohol' started by JohnBrock, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. JohnBrock

    JohnBrock Active Contributor

    A few years back, a friend of mine came to me with a confession, he thought that his alcohol usage might have transformed into an addiction - I was initially shocked, never having seen him as the type of person who could possess such a self-destructive character trait, however, so was he, indeed. He had been in denial for a long time before coming to me.

    We sat down and looked at the facts as they were, both being social drinkers and college buddies, we had never experienced our alcohol consumption as anything else than social. But lately it had taken a turn for the worse, we felt drawn towards social gatherings including alcohol, even on weekdays, not because we needed the social activity, but because of the alcohol, and the feeling of carelessness that was associated with it.

    He told me he felt as if his life was falling apart due to the choices he made, and made me aware of the 3 observations he had made since he started drinking actively.
    • His grades were falling, as was his overall engagement in course-related activities
    • He would often feel the overshadowing need to go drinking, regardless of day or place
    • He would often ignore social activities that did not include drinking (family gatherings notwitholding) in lieu of going drinking.
    Assessing these key difference in his day-to-day life, it became apparent to us, that he was indeed sacrificing part of his over all life's structure for his drinking habits.

    After coming to me, I functioned as his sponsor, keeping check with him often to see what decisions he was making for his daily activities, and he eventually turned his habits around.

    The reason I am writing this is simple - recognising self-destructive behaviour, is KEY, in culling a potential abuse developing. If you are in a situation where you are not sure if your alcohol consumption is starting to get the upper hand on you, confess your worry to a friend, and go through the daily choices you make carefully, sometimes an addiction can't be recognised until you have another persons eyes on it.
  2. olb1213

    olb1213 Member

    This is so true. It is impossible to begin your journey to recovery if you do not recognize that you have a problem. Having a friend sit down with you and take an objective look at your current situation is a great idea.
  3. amyyoh

    amyyoh Member

    During high school I felt so awkward and uncomfortable in my skin that I would drink in the morning before school so people would think I'm more outgoing and less awkward. Sometimes I still feel the need to do this - before going on a date or spending time with people I don't know well. It's not good. Has anyone else felt like this?
  4. paichuu

    paichuu Member

    Any behavior that has а negative impact on our body, mind аnd soul thrоugh оur own conscious preferences in life іs considered self-destructive. This behavior сould be іn the form of habits like smoking, drinking аnd drugs оr choices we make іn jobs, relationships аnd health. Here аre ѕоme pointers to recognize self-destructive patterns.