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Discussion in 'Sobriety Tips and Inspiration' started by Nicoleforrest28, May 17, 2018.

  1. I've been hearing so many people talking about how people in their lives are on dope and they just need to get a grip on life and just stop using. Recovery is really so much more than just not using. Once a person becomes addicted their brain will never be the same because using drugs effects you in so many ways. When a person starts using they feel amazing like they can concur the world it's literally the best feeling in the entire world...even compared to having children or finding your soulmate. It's a very personal happiness and THAT is what makes a person continue to use and become an addict. That is when things will spiral. They will become dependant on feeling That way ALL the time and therefore they end up losing everything basically. Sobriety is a full time job that a person must choose to be a part of every single day. Once you "just stop" using drugs your brain immediately goes into survival mode and you must rewire it to maintain sobriety. Every day you will have to talk yourself out of doing things that will jeaprodize your life and most likely that's going to cause depression or anger problems or some sort of mental health issues and that's where most fail because instead of dealing with the mental issues (addiction being one on top of it) your natural survival instinct is to provide your brain with whatever to feel normal. But like I said if you train your brain or rewire your brain to do other things even if it's as simple as making your bed everyday or sitting outside for 10 minutes a day. Addicts need distraction. I will say it again addicts need a distraction! One little thing that doesnt take much effort but will give them a sense of accomplishment. After the effort is made for all of those things then they will be able to concur sobriety and it's still a hit or miss then because things like "I can have one drink" "it's been so long, I'm in control now" take effect. Learn to control your thoughts and you will learn to control your life. Understand you are never in control and it all starts with that "one drink" or "one pill" know that it is so ok to ask for help and talk about your issues it is very very crucial to seek help on bad days and just talk... to anyone.. if anything that'll help the social skills and more than likely you'll have positive feedback. Every emotion needs to be felt. Feel it all. Feeling is a beautiful thing! Good luck to anyone going through the addiction/recovery process. This will not happen in a day but it is possible and possible to feel "normal" and happy again. It all starts with a thought and an action!
  2. Dominica

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    @Nicoleforrest28 thank you for sharing. You do have some really good insight and points in your message . Sounds like you've been in the recovery field for a while. Really appreciate your presence here in the forum .
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    Great post, @Nicoleforrest28! Sobriety IS a full-time job! And yes, feeling is a beautiful thing! It's amazing to be able to feel life on life's terms, without the aid of a mind-altering substance. Thanks for inflicting some positivity on us today, my friend. I hope to see you around these forums more in the future. :)