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Risk Factors for Children

Discussion in 'General Substance Abuse Discussion' started by irishrose, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. Jasmine2015

    Jasmine2015 Community Champion

    I already know how I'm going to start this off and that is with good parenting. Parents who are there to supervise the kids playing with others as well as monitor their Internet usage. Making sure that parents get involved with the child's school if possible so parents and teachers can work together and figure out which students seem to be falling to the way side. Since parents can't monitor the kids 34/7 it is best that parenta get in contact with whoever else will have intereaction with their child to make sure things are going ok. Also having programs for kids such as summer jobs can help give them something to do instead of just hanging in the streets.
  2. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    Really? Where do we begin? Lol The list is about a mile long. This country is a mess. I think that the best thing to do is take a look at what more successful countries are doing. Start from the ground up and little by little. Start with the homeless situation and immigration. These two issues are the basis for the rest of the problems including unemployment. Children being prone to being exposed to drugs has to do with the stability of their families. It is in tiers of issues that all affect each other.
    Australia and New Zealand have drawn a big huge line in the sand for immigrants. I'm sorry but the melting pot needs to do the same. What is done with Australia's homeless makes the most sense. If a woman and children become homeless for some reason. They are quickly put in a house. Like a real house. Not a half way house or shelter. It is something that someone owns that is either on the market or the owner is open to allow them to move in. They let them stay there until the mother gets her finances going and can start paying a mortgage. I think they make reasonable loans of for them as well. Stability is the important part.
    Immigration; they can't just keep letting anyone move to the US. There has to be some guidelines. Our government should keep their nose out of other countries business or at the very least help them where they are. Refugees; wars are funded by people who will profit from rebuilding and the relocation. There are different scenarios but essential it is all based on greed and corruption. This is disgusting. This country needs to help the people that are here and straighten that up. Helping people of other nations before even giving a rat's arse about their own is making no sense.
    Between the national debt and all the rest of the issues. These two things are just the tip of the iceberg. Modeling the country against the more successful ones is the only way. Economically and how this country functions overall is poor. Rich get richer and poor get poorer is just all based on fear and greed.
    Yes, this is all related to the initial post. Children suffer from this.
  3. Carnold23

    Carnold23 Community Champion

    I think a great way to prevent youth from using drugs is to provide fun activities for them to do. In my opinion bored teenagers are more likely to do drugs then teenagers involved in activities. If there more more fun things that teens are actually interested in for them to do I really think they would be less likely to turn to drugs.
    Also, alot of parents are scared to talk to their kids these days. We need to be having open and honest discussions with our children. I will be honest with my children about my past addictions, and urge them to learn from my mistakes.
    You can't keep teens from using drugs, you can't lock them up and throw away the key. The best we can do is educate, and provide them with alternatives to going out to party
  4. Tremmie

    Tremmie Community Champion

    Add ''teenage'', when people are in their teens is the time in which things like this usually happen, mostly due the fact their brains are not fully developed, so they can't really perceive danger and think of consequences like we do. They just can't and that is why parents need to be so careful and think about their approach when it comes to the big talk about drugs...
  5. doatk22

    doatk22 Community Champion

    I think environment plays a role, but it's just a curiosity problem. It's so normalized in our culture on TV and movies.
  6. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    I'll say check to all of those. All of those things were present. Aggressive behavior. I think children learn this from their parents. A child doesn't just pop out acting like this they learn it. I certainly had to unlearn it and teach myself some manners. My parents were very hostile and aggressive towards us.
    I think the presence of prescription drugs in our family did way more damage than the street drugs that I was exposed to. I was not aware as a teenager that my mother was on clonazepam. Now I realize it was not her it was this toxic garbage that made my mother the way she is. The side effects are just off the chart.
    Clonazepam side effects: uncaring, forgetful, insomnia, shakiness of limbs/hands/feet, anger, unreality, excitement, nervousness, slurred speech, joint pain, weak/tired, discouragement, chills, headache, body pain, unsteady walk, irritability, crawling itching skin, falling, lack of emotion or feeling, lack or loss of self-control....etc.
    This is only to name a few. The list is longer.

    I think that the factors you are talking about "can" contribute but the are not the reason. There are plenty of privileged people who end up on drugs or alcohol. It might boil down to right and wrong. Is the child or teenager taught the difference? If one can decipher the difference between right and wrong at 16 years old or 19 years old they might experiment only to come to the conclusion that it is wrong. They wouldn't necessarily end up an addict. I think the strong basis is much more important than anything.

    I just heard Trump say that his kids and family that there is no drugs and no alcohol. He didn't allow them. Those parents that sit there and drink. Maybe into prescriptions or illegal. Who is more apt to experiment? Who is more apt to know the difference between right and wrong? I mean it's all relevant really. Doesn't matter rich or poor. Available or not. If the kids are taught the difference between right and wrong. Guidelines of no drugs or alcohol. This should be the only sure fire way. Because drug and alcohol availability is there. Poverty is not that easily changed with a family.

    Early aggressive behavior. Lame excuse. Change the diet of the child. Take a look at all adults around the child. Where are they learning this from? Feed the child properly and put them in a healthy environment that the parents are kind and compassionate.
  7. melody

    melody Active Contributor

    It is incredible what some kids will sneak into school. Last year, one of my kids told me that a girl snuck in some pills and weed in an empty water bottle. We really have to identify which kids are the ones bringing it in to the schools because drugs have no place there.
  8. Coolkidhere

    Coolkidhere Community Champion

    Here's what I think:

    • Early aggressive behavior in the individual. Aggression breeds aggression. So try to be calm and relaxed around your children, don't shout at them or punish them violently. Because chances are, they might pick up on these behaviours.
    • Lack of parental supervision. The only way to combat this is to be there for them. We need to realise that it's not only the material things that matter in life. We need to install values and principles into them while growing up. And that's something that money cannot buy.
    • Peer substance abuse. This is a tricky one. Peer pressure is something that all kids experience. I think it's important to teach then that it's okay not to conform. And that it's okay to be different. You don't have to be like the rest to fit in. Find people who are willing to accept you as who you are.
    • Drug availability at school. The school has the hold on this one. They would need to have thorough security checks to ensure that no child brings drugs in school.
    • Poverty. Well, as parents, we need to make sure that we provide our children all their necessities. We don't have to be rich to give them the basics. Aside from that, we have toe educate them that it doesn't matter if we're rich of poor as long as we live morally.
  9. sillylucy

    sillylucy Community Champion

    I have experienced the poverty and aggression first hand. My cousin did meth and his son is so aggressive all of the time. He just wants to hit and doesn't know how to deal with his anger.