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Saw a bunch of protestors on my way to a meeting :)

Discussion in 'Heroin' started by romananthonysmama, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. karmaskeeper

    karmaskeeper Community Champion

    I would love to put up a few billboards here where I live. Nothing huge like you see in the city. Maybe 6x6 big enough to catch the attention of people passing by it. I would use bright neon lettering it would plainly say "METH IS HERE DO YOU CARE?"We have can stop it if we want to it's as simple as that. My little town is just that little very little. Putting a sign out would get people to thinking. As a parent of small kids if it's here, and we don't act how bad will it be by the time my kids are old enough to know about it.
  2. Rob93FL

    Rob93FL Senior Contributor

    I feel like there are plenty of better ways to combat drug abuse than holding up signs and handing out bracelets. It seems like a waste of time, money, and effort.
  3. rabst

    rabst Active Contributor

    Protesting like that fights drug-abuse the same way mass-employment fights laziness.
  4. stariie

    stariie Community Champion

    Why heroin specifically? I guess it is really prevalent in your area for people to start a group against one drug in particular. What do the police think about this group? Was the group started because people felt that the police weren't doing enough, or it's just that the people wanted to do something in addition to police action?

    Whatever the case is, it's good to see people standing up for something. Obviously they felt there was a problem, so instead of standing on the sidelines talking a lot, but accomplishing nothing, they decided to get involved. It's good to see people standing up for something.
  5. vegito12

    vegito12 Community Champion

    I think more changes need to be done, and more action against heroin changes and also this will happen one day and can be moved from the area. I think all areas in each country should move this and more meetings and actions can change this one day which will be good. This will be good as, will show that it not needed in the community the drugs and how it is harmful and not good for the people.
  6. awesomeaniruddh

    awesomeaniruddh Active Contributor

    Singapore has an anti-drug stance and they take a lot of steps to educate people right from a tender age so that they never get involved with it. Fifth graders for example get stuff like anti-drug badges and stickers while they regularly have talks on the effects of drugs for high schoolers.

    Even though most of us do not need to be educated about this, it is really nice to see the effort by the government :)
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  7. rabst

    rabst Active Contributor

    Shouldn't "survival of the fittest" factor-into this somehow (heroine being deadly, shouldn't people be able to see that heroine is 'a bad idea' BECAUSE IT KILLS YOU; and dealers would just logically 'deal' something healthy-&-legal)?

    Maybe that's a better strategy: nip it in the bud by converting heroine-dealers into nutritionists & diet-pill dealers :D
  8. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    In the correct frame of mind, it's easy to see that heroin can kill. However, there are plenty of people who have been through the most traumatic life experiences and are seeking to block it all out. They don't want something legal and healthy, they want something to obliterate them because reality is too harsh.
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  9. stariie

    stariie Community Champion

    Yes, you are right, the correct frame of mind is what is needed, although many might not have it.

    Many people at a drug abuse support forum can tell a wide variety of stories about why and how they did the drugs they did, some of them still doing what they do. Thanks for the understanding comment, it's always great to read supportive feedback.
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  10. timelord731

    timelord731 Senior Contributor

    Are they protesting the police for not coming down on heroin? Or heroin dealers themselves? I'm confused.
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  11. Rowe992

    Rowe992 Senior Contributor

    Good initiative by the community to fight against heroin use in their town. I hope they will give the information about the dealers to the police and so get the dealers off the streets once and for all. Heroine doesn't benefit anyone but the suppliers who get rich by destroying lives.
  12. rabst

    rabst Active Contributor

    I don't know if Cincinnati is the locale of @karmaskeeper but a rewarding search found this story---folks carrying signs that said 'KEEP THE DRUGS OUT OF JAIL.' I'm too lazy to plug in my speakers, so I don't know exactly what they're saying; but the article says that each of the protesters have friends-&-family who've DIED of heroine-overdose, which can add murder-charges to convicted heroine-trafficers in Kentucky.

    If I understand prison correctly, there's relatively NO LAW inside (other than 'stay where administrators tell you to be').

    My Curiosity piqued, a couple more searches found out that drugs are notoriously easy to obtain even in the highest security prisons in a few ways (dangerous because heroine works your brain's pleasure-centers overtime, making it feel almost-worth the burnout).
  13. HugsNotDrugs

    HugsNotDrugs Active Contributor

    I mean, why protest heroin...? It's not like any large group is PRO heroin and they were protesting that. It's like "no duh we don't want people getting addicted to heroin".

    It seems like it'd be a better use of their time to petition for more funding for drug recovery programs or needle exchanges or something. This seems like the "easy" way of trying to do something about it and I doubt their little protest changed anyone's mind on anything.
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  14. Rob93FL

    Rob93FL Senior Contributor

    It's a way for people to feel like they're doing something while actually doing nothing at all. Protesting heroin is the dumbest, most inefficient way of reducing drug use that I've ever heard of.
  15. rabst

    rabst Active Contributor

    As I said above,
    They're telling prison-officials that they need to be more-watchful to keep the heroin out of the prisons.
  16. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    Well that's something. A protest against heroine. This is a the same but they are protesting against heroine in jails killing people.
  17. Tremmie

    Tremmie Community Champion

    Best of luck, I have heard there is a real epidemic taking place over there. I hope something can be done about this, according to the article I read the southern states are the mot affected. Heroine addiction is just awful. I still can't get out of my head that woman that had needle puncture marks all over her freaking body... she looked like a walking corpse. Long dead by now for sure.
  18. SashaS

    SashaS Community Champion

    If it helps then why not. Its not exactly expensive to gather a few people and hold some signs and it can be effective, so its definitely a good way to promote a good cause. People in my city are too self centered to do something like that but as long as there are organizations where people are helping each other by doing things like this then we are already on track to making drug abuse less commonplace.
  19. puneeth8994

    puneeth8994 Active Contributor

    Sounds like an awesome protest I'd like to get into. People should be educated more about these things to reduce the fatalities.
  20. explorerx7

    explorerx7 Senior Contributor

    I believe that the protesters are fed up with the heroin addiction situation in their area. however, I hope that they are not merely protesting the situation because that alone will not change the situation. They will have to be prepared to intervene in a non-confrontational way, by trying to seek help for the addicts and trying to educate them on the negative effects of addiction.