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Should The Production/Sale of Tobacco Be Banned?

Discussion in 'Tobacco / Nicotine' started by dpaige707, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. bsthebenster

    bsthebenster Community Champion

    I don't think they should. People should have the option to kill themselves. What's next? We ban junk food, soda, motorcycles, desk jobs and alcohol?

    With freedom comes responsibility. I'll take the responsibility.
  2. bsthebenster

    bsthebenster Community Champion

    Keeping it legal has huge benefits. It prevents smokers from going to prison for smoking. As if slapping a criminal record on them is healthy. It keeps black market tobacco at bay to a certain degree, thus reducing organized crime. Prohibition doesn't work. It didn't work with alcohol and it wouldn't work with tobacco.

    Also, tobacco does have benefits. It feeds the brain with dopamine, a feel good chemical.
  3. timelord731

    timelord731 Senior Contributor

    I think it should definitely be reduced if not totally disbanded. Tobacco has caused so many people so many issues that I really don't think it's still worth the trouble. I realize that the tobacco industry has fantastic lobbyist, but I'm surprised that a total ban hasn't even been mentioned.
  4. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    My thoughts exactly. Where does it all end? Alcohol is far more dangerous than several street drugs yet is perfectly legal. Should this be banned? Or is it better to educate people on safer drinking? Banning tobacco will increase the amount of black market sales, tie up policing hours which could be put to much better use elsewhere and remove a significant amount of revenue from the government funds.
  5. Peninha

    Peninha Community Champion

    OK, so why do we need chemicals to feel good? Shouldn't we feel good just because, by being natural, why do we need drugs to feel good?
  6. Bamber8810

    Bamber8810 Member

    I definitely think that Tobacco could be banned. This is clearly a drug that kills people slowly. Apparently the smoking commercials that show people dying from lung cancer or can't talk unless they press a button on their throat is not doing the job. This is when our government steps in and regulates or bans something.
  7. bsthebenster

    bsthebenster Community Champion

    I agree completely. People who turn to natural means of feeling good such as exercise, self improvement, personal achievement, etc. all tend to be, from what I've seen, a much happier bunch. Generally speaking, the disadvantages of drugs far outweigh the benefits. But feeling good temporarily is a benefit of tobacco. It's certainly not worth the pain it brings, and I would never argue that it is, but it's a benefit in the traditional sense of the word nonetheless.
  8. fliktor7

    fliktor7 Member

    Yes, I am actually a smoker, and it would be bad for me (and also probably good for my health) but I honestly think that if tobacco gets removed from society, everybody will haver a better life and health. Anyway, tobacco makes money from the countries, so I don't believe they will ban it.
  9. Zyni

    Zyni Community Champion

    Many things are bad for us and kill us slowly, including food, water, and even air. I don't want to live anywhere where government goes nanny state and starts banning things that are bad for us. What comes after cigarettes? What sentence should someone get if convicted of smoking?
  10. Peninha

    Peninha Community Champion

    Yeah, it's pretty great to work out and feel the body filled with energy, stamina, adrenaline, whatever we want to call it, a natural process.
  11. jbbarn

    jbbarn Active Contributor

    It's all about personal responsibility. Smoking could be banned, but people will be growing their own tobacco. Inform the public, and let adults make their own decisions.
  12. Peninha

    Peninha Community Champion

    I agree with that, everything for me goes around awareness, we need to invest in awareness and in giving alternatives to people. How many people know the effects of smoking?
  13. Beautyspin

    Beautyspin Active Contributor

    I think the governments across the world have got used to the taxes that smoking and drinking have been bringing them. If they were really interested, they would simply ban tobacco production rather than smoking. But I guess no government has the guts to do it and that is why generations after generations suffer.
  14. Peninha

    Peninha Community Champion

    That is the funny part, they raise and raise taxes, they gain more and more from selling drugs to people, it's just sickening how governments can do this.
  15. awesomeaniruddh

    awesomeaniruddh Active Contributor

    It certainly SHOULD be - but that is unlikely to happen because of the revenue the government gets from it and its contribution to the economy. While it may kill some people, the people consciously made the choice, but that choice helps the government meet its targets (or fill pockets).
  16. Teresa

    Teresa Senior Contributor

    It should be as it DOES harm more than just the user by way of second hand smoke. Of course it wont be banned because there is just to much money being made from it, not only is sales of tobacco products but in way of health care for those chronically and terminally ill as a result of smoking.
  17. Beautyspin

    Beautyspin Active Contributor

    Every time I go to smoke and every time I go to a doctor for a checkup and he asks me if I smoked, I feel bad that production and sale of tobacco are not banned. They are putting the onus of managing not smoking while they ostracize smokers for no fault of theirs. I got hooked in when I was 20. I know a lot of people managed not to get hooked, but that does not mean the mistake is mine and mine alone. I think the govt should take responsibility and bite the bullet and ban tobacco production.
  18. Peninha

    Peninha Community Champion

    My dad smokes since he's 13, so I am not seeing him stop unless the production is forbidden, he is totally addicted.
  19. goldenmaine

    goldenmaine Active Contributor

    Tobacco has many negative effects but it difficult to ban them because many people still crave for it despite these effects, and also the tobacco companies that manufacture the cigarettes, are powerful, influential and rich that they are able to continue their operations. Many groups are against these substances but have failed to stop the production because of these reasons. There other ways to lessen the negative effects since it is impossible to stop the production. Filters could be used when smoking cigarettes so that some chemicals can be prevented from harming the body.
  20. jbepp

    jbepp Active Contributor

    Once it's legalized I think it'd be very difficult to make it illegal again. Even if it happens, people would just get their tobacco from drugs dealers. Making tobacco illegal again would have a HUGE impact on society.