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signs and steps to meth use

Discussion in 'Methamphetamine / Meth' started by dazedand confused, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Can anyone tell me the order in which things start falling apart when on meth, i suspect my husband has been doing this since feb, i dont see any $$ missing, but we have a business so its not hard for him to pu a ck from a client & keep it, which he has done,now & way before using, 1st i saw the erratic behavior, which got the cops called 2x's, both he bolted. didnt find him, 2nd the sniffing, when we are at my daughters he will disappear & come back sniffing for 2 hrs or more, i do not know if he knows exactly how much to do to get the high he wants w/o interferring w/ sleep, 3rd he has gotten a scab inside his nose , which he sd was his psorasis, right??? He uses a pair of tweezers to pick it off, since i mentioned it was from drug use, 4th i am not sure if he is a sleeping at nite, i get up very early & take medicine for various health problems, so they knock me out sometimes, 5th he is always drinking beer when i think he is doing this( 12-20) & doesnt seem to be drunk, then all of a sudden is falling down & passed out cold. now he is not eating, was lunch & dinner before, sure hes lost weight, always in the garage pilfering & drinking, now i think the parnioa is setting in, he is always calling me names and seems to start a fight w me. someone tell me when all the other signs will show up. noone else seems to notice anything, but his own workers are starting to ?? this. does this sound like a man on meth?? i am not dumb and want to secure my future before this goes any further, talking he denies, says hes not a druggie, so talking is out of the question, any ideas on a test i can give him to verify, already did the piss one and he passed 3 of those.
  2. ByMyself

    ByMyself Member

    You are lucky to be finding out early. I was in denial for years., have lost my husband to the meth. Hes not dead just not with me. I dont know him anymore. Live with a broken heart everyday. Mine could be cruel, sometimes distant. Never admitted the real problem. He would sleep/ stay awake for days. Now I'm sure he was lying to me. Strange appetite. Picking at sores. Gray faced. Lost empty eyes. Selfish.. now has heart issues. Declining health. With yours sniffing makes me wonder about cocaine. I don't know so much about the spiraling downward symptoms. They could be different. He's going to have to admit it to himself and want to change badly. Good luck.
  3. ByMyself

    ByMyself Member

    I forgot to mention the paranoia. He will shift blame to you for everything even trivial things. When you are left in tears thinking what in the world just happened, you are not at fault,ok?
  4. Neveragain29

    Neveragain29 Member

    Hopefully you are still coming here for clarity. I have gone through this with a fiance. It is truly heart breaking. Nothing compares. In the past year I've seen him maybe 25 times. We've tried rehab a billion times. It is very frustrating and it feels hopeless. I'm sorry you're going through the ugly rollercoaster of meth addiction. Please know that it is NOT you and it is NOT your fault. He will try and make it your fault. You will also hear people tell you it has nothing to do with you. I have an issue with this because you and I are the ones in the relationship, going through the crazy. We are very much a part of it and an unwilling victim.

    The minute they put that stuff in their system begins the spiral. My fiance ended up pimping women to get money for meth and doing God knows what else. That was the most hurtful and difficult to find out. To see the mess he was and how he didn't care was shocking.

    I have placed great distance and yes it hurts but I cannot be on the roller coaster anymore. I am praying for you and others who have gone through what we have.

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