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Smoking and Tooth Health

Discussion in 'Tobacco / Nicotine' started by singingintherain, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. ChristianRO

    ChristianRO Member

    Smoking doesn't have any positive aspects, in my opinion.
    I "signed up" and "accepted all terms" the moment I lit my first cigarette, however, that doesn't mean I am not regretting it. I have teeth problems because of my calcium deficiency. Smoking has only made it worse for me.
    The good side is I always visit my dentist and I take care of my issues. I would be better if I didn't smoke though...
  2. azazello

    azazello Member

    I once had a patient come in complaining about a lost veneer. It turns out what she had done is buy a box of plastic stick-on French manicure nails and superglue the tips to her teeth. She had been re-sticking them for years, but she finally got tired of it and wanted me to use some of my "dental glue" to get them to stay on more permanently. When I refused and instead tried to get her to let me clean off the layers and layers of crusty glue and food and plaque, she was pissed and stormed out screaming about how I was only in this for the money and how dare I not help out a poor mother. The thing is, from a distance, they didn't actually look all that bad. Up close, a rotting disaster, but from afar I was actually pretty impressed with her ingenuity
  3. teslastar

    teslastar Member

    Once we had a patient who had come in to get his new crown. The crown had such a good fit that we had a hard time getting it off in order to cement it in permanently. We had the patient slightly bite down on a juju bead (you know the jelly bead you soften). Well, he bit harder then we asked and for about 15 minutes, the patient couldn't open his mouth! It made it even harder because we were laughing so hard! Patient was drooling because he was hysterical but unable to open his mouth!
  4. bomjik

    bomjik Member

    Smoking is a bad habit. It would be best if you got rid of it as soon as possible. My aunt smoked for twenty years. Because of smoking, she had problems more than just dental. And although she is a doctor herself, she could not solve some problems. It has always been vital for her to look beautiful. But due to smoking, she developed deep wrinkles around her mouth. Then she decided to take up treatment. She was advised to see a beautician for the treatment of wrinkles. In such a case, it is always important to find professionals so that there are no difficulties. So she was in the clinic where she was helped to get rid of wrinkles. She liked the result so much that she became interested in cosmetology. The doctor she was treated with recommended for more information. After training, she received a qualification and now also works as a beautician. That's how she quit smoking and got a new profession.