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Smoking & Substance Abuse

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by MrMegistus, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. MrMegistus

    MrMegistus Member

    I can't say that I suffer from substance abuse related to alcohol, but I do have a problem with abusing marijuana. When I first started smoking it, it seemed like the world would turn into Candyland, with gumdrops and cinnamon raining from the sky... after awhile, I noticed how I didn't get the same effects from smoking as when I started. That wasn't the problem though. It was when I did decide to smoke and I'd get none of the sensations and feelings that I used to get. It got to the point where I had to smoke just to feel like everything in my day was going smoothly. I've come a long way since earlier this year. An incident with facial palsy caused me to cut down on my smoking. I can't say that the palsy incident was caused by the smoking, but I didn't want to take any chances. I have slowly started back up smoking again, although not as bad as I used to earlier this year. I only hope that someone can relate to what I've written and understand that any type of substance abuse takes time to overcome - and some never overcome it, they just find ways to deal with it day by day. Thanks for reading and I hope others contribute in a way that helps.
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  2. Nick W.

    Nick W. Community Listener Community Listener

    Welcome to the forum, and please do not hesitate to post questions & comments. We have a wide variety of members here, that I am positive can relate to what you are going through, including myself. I understand that it can be hard to quit, especially with today's ever increasing presence of marijuana in the public spotlight. I think that it's a great thing that you are hear, and if you ever need some one on one advice, do not hesitate to contact any of us. You're not alone in this fight.
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  3. Jen S.

    Jen S. Guest

    Welcome, MrMegistus! Thanks for sharing.
  4. ariana_

    ariana_ Member

    Welcome to the forum, thanks for sharing your story. I can relate to how marijuana seemed amazing at first. I had a problem with that too, a few years ago. I've cut down too. Congratulations on cutting down, it inspires me to keep going :)
  5. camsdad

    camsdad Member

    I hear mixed things about marijuana from people. some can smoke all day and you would't think there was a problem and some people start to loose love for it when they get older. When I was a teenager, I'd smoke with friends and it wouldn't take a lot to get the job done. we'd get the munchies and laugh our faces off. as I got older pot started having really weird side effects,things like paranoia and increased heart rate. I had to slow down, I still smoke but not as much.
  6. jon

    jon Active Contributor

    I have also had a severe struggle with quitting smoking. I start feeling like everything is happening to fast, and I start experiencing emotional mood swings. But I never quit trying to stop, and I have cut down on my smoking a lot as well. Keep trying

  7. bombshell

    bombshell Member

    I personally smoked marijuana everyday for over 15 years and was lucky enough to not have a hard time at all quitting. As a matter of fact I decided one day to quit last year and haven't smoked or even thought about it much since. Like Jon though, I have a hard time with quitting cigarettes. The thought alone gives me severe anxiety.